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  • I think a continuous play-through of ammo and health would be good. It would make the game more "realistic" if you kept your ammo amounts. Perhaps the health could regenerate back to full though since it takes time to get to the next mission location perhaps? You could even do it both ways on that note really... if the next mission leads straight on from the current one (as in, you go straight to the next mission without stopping for mcdonalds on the way) then your ammo and health would carry on... if you "return to base" in between the missions, then you could start with full health and a set amount of ammo again, like you would do if you went back "home" for a bit.

    Hopefully that made sense :/


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  • i think i would be able to kill a human being if that would grant me your skills in .blender

    damn those suits models... how long you have been working with 3D modeling btw? I em - after 3 weeks of trying my luck with blender - even more dumber then at the beggining.

    thats why i use 3rd party program to build up 3D models from premade parts.

    anyway, thats just beautifull

  • Download link doesn't work. Do you have a mirror?

  • How do you put the objects made in Blender to Construct?

  • How do you put the objects made in Blender to Construct?

    Construct can import .obj extension models. and .obj is preety much the most popular 3d model file type. (even google ScetchUp can open them)

  • The .exe link is broken.

  • cool <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Amazing graphics !

  • V thoughtful of Mary Jane et al to make an English version - my Russian is way dodgy!

    Looks very Alien Breed'ish but very polished.

  • Wow is this playable already? when did this happen?

    Did I play it already?

    It's all so blurry.....

    link doesn't work now though.

    About fullscreen.... yeaaaah aspect ratio is rather annoying right now with Construct. I worked in a solution for a game and spent more time working on the resolution deal than the actual game. And the solution itself is rather annoying too, but it works (fullscreen, black bars. There's a thread about it).

    I still prefer stretched fullscreen over a window though. >_<

  • the game would be okey if not for 3 things:

    -the path of all sounds effects is wrong and need to be manualy correctect

    -the blinking light when giving some nice atmosphear is also incredibly anoying and made me hit alt+f4 after couple of minutes because my eyes started to hurt

    -when player is being hit by bullets he is bumped a bit back. this is okey as far as he isnt in front of some solid object. if he gets bumped then he lands in areas normaly unacceseble (ive end up stuck in betwen walls)

  • Is this game complete yet? If so I would LOVE to purchase the final product especially for my iphone but also for the desktop....if anyone knows the status of this work please let me know....also if it was made free where can I get the final product?

  • Also if the artist involved still checks this please send me a message with your contact information I may have a job for you soon. Thanks.


  • This shows me error message. (win7 x64, ko-KR)

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • Can you layout some sprites and animations.For example :explosion and walking hero game.

    Sorry for my English.

    I am from Ukraine amd I know English is not very good.

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