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  • Hi there!

    saint11 and I have just finished our game's beta version and we'd like to share it with you.

    <img src="http://i323.photobucket.com/albums/nn453/amorabettany/screenshot09.jpg">

    Please feel free to test it, make comments and suggestions.

    Download it here:


    For more info, please visit our blog! :3

  • Cool, haven't been expecting to be able to play this so soon.

    The level of presentation exceeds pretty much anything we've seen so far in Construct. The art style is really gorgeous, the animations and character design charming and even the music fits so well.

    There is not much to say but to praise this little gem of a game. And since I want to go back to playing this a little more, let me quickly nitpick some things:

    • First of all it immediately striked me as potentially annoying having to go back to the entrance of the level all the time. I mean if there aren't any changes in the level it becomes more of a chore than a joy imho.
    • I do loathe X and Z.

    Because Y and Z are switched on many european keyboards a layout like this becomes really uncomfortable. Therefore I'd prefer X and C as standard keys. Yeah, us europeans...

    Other than that, I sure do hope this will have gamepad support. I think I read that it would have, maybe even this beta has but unfortunately I don't have access to such an input device right now.

    • More sound effects for Talbot!

    I pretty much only noticed the noise he (is it a he?) makes when he drops down. Maybe some stressed groaning when you're really pushing him to fly or something. Just want MOAR!

    • The particle effect when you pickup a baby ghost looks lazy in comparison to the otherwise polished appearance of the game. Not a major thing, but an "out of the box" effect like that seems misplaced imho.

    As I said, those are just nitpicks. I'm really impressed with the work you guys put into Talbot's Odyssey. Which is why I'm gonna play some more now.

  • Talbot made my day!

    Seriosly! I woke up in such a bad mood but this imp made me smile like a baby My wife watched me playing and laughed)) Finally she gave me the boot and now she's occupied my laptop and playing "Talbot" hehe... That's very unusual because she never plays any games except solitaire. And that tells me once again that you guys made a really Good game!

    Ok. What I liked most:

    1st is graphics and music: really strikes! I agree with PixelRebirth that "Talbot's Oddyssey" looks and sounds a way better than most of other Construct games. I wish you guys to keep (and mabe even increase) your game's cool atmosphere by the final release.


    I often don't like to read dialogs in games. But yours are really fun and I didn't want to skip them without reading (that happens rarely for me hehe)

    "... is it dangerous?" "no it's a piece of cake!" "aight i'll be looking for a piece of cake then."

    "welcome to Discount Deeps.. We have discounts and they are deep!"

    Hehehe)) Light and funny. And those quotes a really memorable. And such feature is a VERY rear in modern games for sure!

    Ingredient called "Eyes of the Beholder" has also made me smile. I don't know mabe that was not about Westwood's masterpiece but I like such light easter eggs very much so...

    Labyrinth based gameplay

    I think it's pretty fresh concept and it has really good potential.

    One thing that confused me was a way back when I'm done with components for my lord. I know I know there are pointers but still it's very hard to get back safe especially when a gost chasing you and you must be very quick because he can walk through walls. Mabe turning lights on after the quest is complete would be a solution.

    All in all this is really impressive game!

    Now I have to make a copy for my wife to get my comp back and continue playing:) btw she stuck on the third level. She can't get trough traps to harvest a gost and very nervous about that:)

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  • Triple A

    A few things. You've got everything packed into the exe so load times are a bit slow, especially start up. Might want to load a few things from an external source.

    I also felt the return to the start was a bit annoying. People need rewards for finishing things. The lights idea isn't bad, but I'd suggest a reward for finding all the ghosts of turning Talbot into a ghost so he can return to the beginning without worrying about hitting stuff.... or something like that.

    Finally the dialog box with his master seems a bit flat... they say everything looks better with a frame.

    Great work guys, its about time we saw some shine.

  • Great game! <img src="http://smiles.kolobok.us/artists/laie/Laie_9.gif">

  • Yeah very cool, good art - though I did think that the music was a bit off, it was weirdly super happy and a little cliche, like the sort of music you'd hear on a hidden object game - I'm not knocking the music itself, the music is well orchestrated, I'm just not sure it works in the game. Though I only played about 20 mins of it, it might change. The audio featured here

    in your early gameplay video of the game is much, much better, in my opinion...sorry I don't mean to knock the game, if the music is the only negative thing I have to say about it that means it's one damn-well-developed title.

  • I'm incredibly excited to play this. What you've shown so far has been beautiful

  • Now this is a game even my mom could play and that's not a bad thing... not at all! I look forward to the release

    A minor nitpick: Z and Y keys are swapped on some keyboards (QWERTZ) - a bit awkward, but well, I can always change the keyboard layout in Windows

  • Really great work!! I have only played the first level but I love it (i am working ). I agree with PixelRebirth, it is a bit annoying the need to go to the start point, specially when there is no any new challenge. I remenber that Wario Land: Shake it has this in every level, see the last part :


    Congratulations to all team!!

  • really nice game, love the graphics, atmosphere and the music. I don't have any complaints except that you have to go back to the entrance to finish the level and that's a bit annoying.

    A question though, will the game be freeware or commercial?? Looking at the quality of graphics and music people really can't complain about the game going commercial.

  • Looks and sounds great. It bothers me though that the movement is so slow. Basically: If i feel i could have a faster movement and still controll it to 100% with the same precision; then it's too slow. If i had the .cap i would turn the timescale up to 130% or so.

  • This is absolutely stunning,Although the game runs a bit on the slow side,Get that fixed and youv'e got a winner.Well done.

  • Great game! The music is very good, it reminds me of Trine. Props to the composer. The art is really nice too.

    The green switch took me sooooo long to figure out. I only accidentally slammed into it after I figured out that you can hold down to drop.

    Very nice effort for your first game, it's top quality stuff. I feel that the character shouldn't be pixel art though, just to fit with the painterly style. That's just my opinion though, and it doesn't really make a difference either way.

  • Amazing game! Gorgeous graphical style. Musical accompaniment is gorgeous too. Keep up the good work.

    P.S: I have only one question: What build of the construct you used to create it?

  • Cant run game.

    When creating a profile, it gets deleted at once, and cant pass that screen.

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