Talbot's Odyssey

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  • Awesome game. Had no problems with pixelart vs painterly. When it's pointed out I notice it, but to me it's not a problem. Love the whole thing. So, found two small bugs: in the Well of Whateveritwas, I was able to buy the ingredient detector for 4 ghosts, and ended up with -1 ghost. Seemed to be fixed by next level though. Also, in that next level, the Tower of Somethingorother, when you walk behind the skull on the box that is just beside the shop, there's a gap between its left and right halfs. If i can get my tinypic working i'll put up an image: <img src="http://i53.tinypic.com/124wshg.jpg">.

    Gameplay is really simple, and I quite like the having to run back to the start pursued by the ghostie, because it's a little bit challenging. [strike]But I'm having real trouble getting past the auto turrets in the third level. Ah well.[/strike] great game, can't wait til the full one comes out!

  • Thanks for the suggestions and compliments everyone! We are working on the game right now and some new features have been implemented and some changes were made.

    Here's a main list of whats new:

    -Talbot doesn't need to go to the beginning of each level anymore, that was really boring.

    -Some new stuff is covered by the tutorial now, like pressing down to smash things.

    -The ghost doesn't chase you the in whole level he is confined to a room.

    -New level with a lot of paralaxes

    -New menu interface

    -New music

    -Adjustable music volume

    -Adjustable graphic quality

    -Statues now don't scare ghosts, they only reveal hidden places

    -A lot of small bugs fixed (thanks kid_lofi we just fixed those gaps!)

    -Turret speed, aim and position revised.

    -Talbot will have HANDS

    And a few other things, as soon as I get a stable build I'll post it here!

    We have a page on Indie DB too! here it is: http://www.indiedb.com/games/talbots-odyssey-part-i

    Thanks a lot for the support guys!

  • Can't wait for the next demo! Hope the character design doesn't get changed too much tho.

    Yeah, I'm completely new to this forum, but I've been stopping by as a guest to see how things are going for some time, it's a really cool game you got there so thought it would be cool to join, simply so I can give feedback.

  • New Open Beta! A lot of changes from the latest version, and now with a installer!

    You can download it here:


    Thanks! And hope you like it!

  • Hei Santo!

    It's me Paulo "Pixel".

    I played the new beta today, and I must say that Talbot's Odyssey is a great and fun game.

    As it is, I have no major critics. I think it's polished enough as a beta game.

    The only minor thing that I have to say, that had already been pointed out, is that the characters in pixelart doesn't seem to work very well with the painted background. The problem I think is not about using pixelart itself, but some contour jaggies that stand out too much against the smooth background. Those should be smoothed out using anti-aliasing and/or semi transparent pixels on the borders. Although I think the characters could still benefit from being redrawn in vector or even painted in the same way as the background, as both mediums naturally tend to give smoother results.

    Anyway, keep up the nice work guys!

    I hope to see more levels and features in the future...

  • As Animmaniac said, it's polished and everything works well together. Now I remember, I've had 3 things on my mind and one slipped out...but it's back

    -How to jump into menu. Esc key didn't work, I've tried it only in the 1st level, all control keys are commented except this one.

    -I've played first version and I had to quit in the second level, because I couldn't find way out. I didn't want to quit in beta so I've circled the level 3 times, before I noticed the clue. It could be more visible or started to glow a little after some time to give slower players a hint(hopefully I'm not the only one who had problems finding it ). In all other levels everything else is commented with signs, but this one is first in the game and there is no sign to it. This "problem" could be related to the third.

    -Everything looks very tiny on 1920x1200(this could've caused that I missed the clue), but in credits there is that full game should support fullscreen, so it'll be obsolete then.

    It's the first pro looking game made in construct. Can't wait the full release. ps. I really liked that piano play in I think 4th level, that level with the well

  • I'm so addicted to this game! The only tiny thing that bothered me is that the papers that come out to the screen when you read a sign or collect an ingredient stay too long, cover a big part of the screen and are too bright and distracting. But that's just me nitpicking, other than that I found everything else to be perfect! Good luck with finishing it!

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  • great update! minor bug, in the templeoftraps I got the eyeofthebeholder at exactly the same moment as copping a voodoo dart (and was pleasantly surprised that it didn't kill me, only to be unpleasantly surprised that I survived long enough only to be impaled by the sudden floor spike), and the list appeared, but it didn't cross off. I was able to complete the level, because it seemed to REGISTER that it was ticked off, but even when the mission complete page popped up, there were still only two strikeouts. VERY minor bug indeed, though. Think it was just my bad timing though, as it didn't happen when I DIDN'T die simultaneously. Haven't lyet managed to reproduce it, but if I do, i'll put that up too.

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