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  • Hello guys!

    I'm in the organization of a studants national meeting. For the opening of the registration period we did a little animation. We decided that it should look like 16 bits, old school videogames and so. Better than that, we would make an classic videogame and record it from the screen.

    And for making games, nothing better than Construct (I used Classic). Except for the initial video and the splash and ending screen, all was done in Construct (I know the splash and ending could be done in CC, but we had a very short deadline).

    As for the video, you can see it here: Super N World in Anima Mundi.

    As you can see, we are between Anima Mundi's finalists!! We didn't expect that this should get so big! That's why there's no credits (not for Construct, nor for ourselves oO) but we'll get them there as soon as we can edit the video. For the Anima Mundi, if we win, we'll say the credits in our speech.

    If you like the video, please vote for us and support another use of this great engine!

    Thanks to you all, scirra community! Your tutorials were part of this!

    ps: sorry about the rusty english.

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  • And by the way, my brother will and some of the guys from Aduge (Mnemons) will do workshops using Construct Classic in this national meeting. The site for the meeting is this one but is in brazilian portuguese.

    Hopefully, the Minibosses (Talbot's Odyssey) will be there too. =]

  • wow

    looks great

    and so much to it

    awesome job

  • That rocks! And competing with a game in a video comp is a feat by itself! Any plan for using your things in a game later on?

    And if you get videos of your workshop, I'll be interested to see how you do that.

    Anyway, good luck for the competition, that's some great job you got here!

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