Being Struck By Lightning Is Probably The Best Way To Die

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  • Just finished my new game a day or two ago and forgot to post it here!

    Being Struck By Lightning is Probably The Best Way That You Can Die On Account of All Its Awesomeness!

    <img src="">


    Its also been featured on the Blog! (Which makes me happy)

    The game itself is very simple, just move with the arrow keys and press Z to jump.

  • Pretty fun.

    Why is it that sometimes springs have a set number of times they bounce, and after that you have to jump again to make the bouncing continue? It doesn't always happen...

  • I played up until the tower. I think that's as much punishment as I can take for today.

    The usual lokijki review (copy and paste):

    Good control, interesting visuals even though the action is too small to see, too hardcore for me, now I have carpal tunnel syndrome, but very nice nonetheless .

    Congrats on the GameJolt writeup

  • gah! the graphics are way too small to see in that window.

    Other than that nice micro gfx style. I got up to that part with the jumping and dodging on the moving platform, then my eyes were too strained .

    FYI: I find the player's hitbox is too big.

  • Pretty fun.

    Why is it that sometimes springs have a set number of times they bounce, and after that you have to jump again to make the bouncing continue? It doesn't always happen...

    Because of how small the sprites are if theres a minor slowdown in the game it'll sometimes not detect the collision between you and the platform.

    So far all of the complaints about my games have been about the small graphics, so I guess in the future it may be a good idea to use bigger ones.

  • It's a nice concept, but did you HAVE to make it so unforgivingly hard?

  • Heh, it's lokijki. That's like asking water why it always has to be so wet.

  • Win = Trying so hard to get past the "here comes the hurt" level till you fall of the level to the next and seeing that the last level is impossible then falling to the win level

  • This is quite a big bump, but I felt I should point out that this was included on the coverdisk of PC Gamer UK (Issue 204).

    Link to screenshot of disk interface with this game selected (sorry for JPG, my connection is crappy and it uploads quicker :/)


    Too bad they didn't mention the program itself directly, but still pretty damn cool...

  • Good work getting in PCG!

    You could probably fix the collision detection problems you mentioned earlier - if you set minimum FPS to 60, it'll slow down instead of skipping a frame.

  • Wow, thanks guys. I'm really amazed the game got around as much as it did.

    I think the FPS was set to 60 - I don't have the source with me at the moment but I'll check.

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  • Oops, should've explained that better: The framerate will probably be 60 (that's default) - but you may want to change the 'minimum framerate' setting, which is under 'Advanced' in the same section.

    If you set your minimum framerate to the same as framerate, then the game will slow down when the framerate drops (rather than skipping frames.) This is good for games that need accuracy, because you never miss collision detection due to a skipped frame.

  • I too was forced to quit at "take your time." Otherwise, awesome game! Would be thoroughly enjoyed if not for that brick-wall of a level.

  • I got to the last level (the one that is "Theoretically Possible") but was just to tired to try and beat it.

    Great game though! Frustratingly challenging games are fun to play, and even more fun to watch friends play

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