Being Struck By Lightning Is Probably The Best Way To Die

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  • Oops, should've explained that better: The framerate will probably be 60 (that's default) - but you may want to change the 'minimum framerate' setting, which is under 'Advanced' in the same section.

    If you set your minimum framerate to the same as framerate, then the game will slow down when the framerate drops (rather than skipping frames.) This is good for games that need accuracy, because you never miss collision detection due to a skipped frame.

    Alright, thanks. Got it now. I'll try that as soon as I have access to the source file again.

  • I just seen your game on

    here is the youtube video.

  • This is kinda flattering and depressing at the same time...

    The good: My game was remade in Flash! Here! I didn't link to the actual game because...

    The bad: Whoever did this did not contact me at all, and most of the graphics and level designs are completely unchanged. He's also put up ads in the game, so he's profiting off of my work, I guess. Right now on Kongregate alone the game has over 10,000 plays, while the original has less then 4000 so far.

    He does credit me in the game and the description now, as some people brought it up (although he does not link back to the games page.) I did find a thread back when he was attempting to get sponsored, and it seems as if the credits page where he credited me is not included and theres no mention in the post, here.

    I'm not really sure what to think of this... I don't know if theres anything I can do about it, I've tried to contact the developer on why he didn't contact me about this. I wouldn't have had a problem with him porting my game to flash, and he could've used the original name and kept the original concept. (He replaced the lightning clouds with little doors that say "exit".)

    Obviously I'm new to game development as a whole and this has never happened to me, just wondering if anyone has any advice on what I should do, if I can do anything.

  • The best thing that you, or any of us can do, is give the guy loads of shit.

    I'm going there now to post comments about how he stole the game.



  • kind of a dickhead. Tim Langdell of freeware games i guess , make sure he doesnt trademark the name :O.

    im guessing this guy just print screened your levels and used em as a single picture with collision detection in flash. with minimal edits

  • Alright, well, I got in contact with him an asked him why he didn't contact me about this, heres his reply (in rather broken English):


    Actually, game �Green-gray-world� don�t get many moneys on in-game adv. I earn 16.31$ on in-game adv.

    This is no good that I didn�t get your opinion about port your game on Flash. I has included your name on credits-page, maybe this is can soften your bad reaction.

    So, yeah. He hasn't made a ton of money (Although I've made even less, below $2. ), so I don't really care about that. (Unless he's lying, but I doubt that for some reason.) I think he kinda said he was sorry.

    So I wrote back to him, and I actually want to see if he could turn this into more of an official port, since he did do a pretty good job, despite some glitchy physics in the game. (You can't jump if your pressing against a wall, and a few other small issues I noticed.)

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  • weird, and interesting

    you should turn it into an official port

    btw, congratulations on your pc gamer fame

    you have people stealing your stuff and everything

  • Wow, what a moron. He seems to completely miss the ethics of what he's done in his reply. Have you contacted the author of that 8bitrocket article you linked to? They seemed to want contact from you.

    Ultimately I guess there's nothing you can do: you basically can't (or it's too much effort to) get the dupe taken offline, nor stop people playing it. I think your best route is to contact the author of that article - and anywhere else you can find it getting mentioned - and tell them about the situation, and that you're angry this game is a shameless rip and that it's getting attention instead of your game. Hopefully the authors will be sympathetic and replace the article about the copy with an article about your original game, which is what you deserve.

  • Loki, I am filled with BILE on your behalf. I would love to publically slander this man for his transgressions.

  • Do your best to make it known that he stole your game. It disgusts me that someone would just copy a game without permission just to cash in/get fame on a flash site. Wow, big deal your name is in the credits page, he didn't even contact you first! It's like copying game cds, putting your name as the author, selling them, and putting the original authors name in some little credits page! He stole your game.

  • Well for some reason my comment I posted decided it didn't want to post and I never got the validation email.... I tried honestly... D:


  • That just sucks. Hope we dont see any more of that kind action. Cant imagine what happens if people just start stealing games and soon no one wants to make more unless its flash.

  • I've seen quite a few cases where people simply copied other games to make money on portals like Kongregate. It is becoming a trend. If you aren't creative, but know how to code, just steal a game idea.

  • Even sadder is the programs they used to copy it are probably stolen as well.

  • your unlucky in that this game is really easy to copy though. the more complicated stuff that you add in, the much harder it makes it for people to make a copy.

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