Old Junk Part 2 : RougeShooter

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  • A large Part of my idea for SkyWar revolved around the idea of landing on the islands, and running around shooting things.

    To pull that off, islands would need to have randomly generated bases.

    to solve this, and have fun doing so. i decided to make a roguelike isometric shooter.

    (isometric because i was tired of the top down stuff.)


    I Loved playing sonys infantry back in the day, so i decided to try and mimic that game.

    so the movement is oriented to the mouse.

    as you run around you will find chest. open these chest to get a randomly picked gun.

    you “win” by destroying all the generators(marked yellow on your minimap).

    I think the thing i liked most about this one was the fact that all the content was handled with ini files. so to add/modify content, like more enemies, weapons buildings ext. , all you have to do is modify the data files in notepad.

    anyways, to play:

    click on the main menu.

    press enter on the second menu (this was just a stand in for the world map)

    on the third menu. press “Gen” and wait until the map has been generated.(this can take some time)

    after the map has been colored in, press enter to play the level.

    Note: if you don't like the mouse oriented movement, on the 3rd screen toggle 8 direction to make the movement a standard 8 direction style control.


    WASD to move.

    R to reload.

    1-2-3 to swap current weapon

    space to jump

    ctrl to crouch (this makes you harder for the enemies to see)

    F5 to delete your currently equipped gun. so you can pick up a new one at a chest.

    when you die, the game may or may not crash. this is the reason i abandon the project...

    same as last time, if you would like to possibly resurrect this thing, or would like to know how it all works. just PM me and ill send you the .Cap and stuff.

  • That looks great Can't wait to try it out.

  • Interesting game Bartosh. I did run into a few errors. The first time I played the game the character models and world were blank except for the hit boxes and other basic details. And dying does cause the game to crash.

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  • Jayjay

    hey thanks. hope you like it.


    The blank thing is weird. i know if you press enter before the map has finished generating the map will just be black. does it do it every time?

  • It only did it the first time I started the exe. The screen never went black just basic hitboxes and floor textures appeared. After that it ran like normal.

  • ah so its just construct classic being construct classic...

  • This looks great

    Is the Concept Art made in a 3D program, or classical Photoshop?

  • Is the Concept Art made in a 3D program, or classical Photoshop?


    initial model and such with blinder then painted over it all in photoshop.

  • ah so its just construct classic being construct classic...

    This happens often? I've only seen the texture problem twice. I've never seen the game shut down after the player dies.

  • looks amazing... aldo game crashed after 1-2 minutes...

  • Bartosh

    Hey, I gave this a shot, it looks fantastic! I've played good old Infantry too! I know this thread is a coming up to being a year old, but if you still have those files kicking around, I'd LOVE to check them out. I'd PM you, but I need to work on my cred some more. Even if you don't have them, I hope you pick this back up some day! Thanks

  • Thanks, Bartosh!! You're the best!

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