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  • Alright, to celebrate the release of 99.42, I thought it'd be fun to dedicate the whole weekend to an idea and to spend both days on it.

    So the idea was simply to create a very basic, simple 2d, co-op sidescroller in 720p with minimal graphics, but a bit of charme

    It's still super rough around the edges and there's a big, freaking bug that'll probably prevent most of you from playing the game, but anyway:

    <img src="">

    (I ran out of time, so forgive me if the environment art is a bit bland )

    About the bug: Apparently, you'll need 2 Xbox360 controllers connected to your PC and they both must be on and connected to the remote device thingy or you'll get a TERRIBLE framerate, like 5-10 fps. If you have 2 Xbox360 Controllers and they're both connected, you should get straight 60fps.

    It's heavily inspired by that guy who makes those minimalist games here, hope you don't mind dude

    Have fun!

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  • Ooops, I think there's a bug in my project somewhere - Normally, you'd get fancy new music and shit when you collect all the marbles, but it seems to crash the app right now. CRAAAAP!

  • I had 2 360 controllers connected and the game still ran like crap. Seriously, a 720p window with full screen effects and motion blur(and no option to disable it) is ridiculously demanding for any system, and it makes the game totally unplayable. At least make the window smaller and turn off the motion blur. The game seemed pretty cool, but I couldn't even get past the first door due to the unplayable Fps.

  • Works on every machine here and even on my older machine

    The moment you have 2 Xbox360 Controllers connected, you should get good performance. I think it runs on par with Braid on Windows, performance-wise.

    Oh, btw, the sound isn't in there, so I'll update the zip file later on

  • at least make a build without the motion blur, or most people won't even be able to play it.

  • Yeah, maybe I'll do that. The problem is that it's still gonna be super slow even without motion blur - that's because of the Xbox360 Controller Plugin Bug. My guess is that it tries to find inputs at every tick but doesn't find shit if the controller isn't connected or something.

    The only way to play it right now is to connect 2 Xbox360 Controllers to your PC.

  • Well, I had 2 controllers connected. The slowdown comes from such a big window with motion blur. You have to have simple effect toggling options, or you're cutting out more than half of your audience.

  • That's weird. What are your hardware specs? Does your GPU support moBlur? If not... that may causing the slow performance.

    I don't really care about the audience for this game

    I'll have to think about this stuff for Sein though - Sein has about the same performance requirements.

  • I think alot of construct community has non-gaming machines some of the little demos I'd released ages ago were deemed unplayable, and other peoples demos and such that are called fps killers don't even cause a hiccup on my system, and by my standards as a pc gamer, I think my system is only decent. I only have an 8800 gts, and an x2 4200+

    you just have to decide whether you want your games to be playable by gaming rigs, any rigs, or scalable. scalable being the best option unless it's going to ruin the art by turning it down

    alot of indie consumers are people with lower end systems tho

    haven't tried this yet tho mahler

    will try later when I have more time

  • I don't have an XBOX360 nor its controllers.

    I wish SOMEONE (;)) would enable runtime control configuration.

    Oh and lags as hell, But I doubt it's motion blur.

  • If both controllers aren't connected, it's gonna like leg hell on any machine, no matter how powerful it is

  • Meh would like to try but can't connect my controllers into pc...

    PS Got new graphics card now

  • Alrighty, so did it work for anyone with 60fps? It should work well with 2 Xbox 360 controllers connected (just make sure the ring on the controller is constant and shows that player 1 and 2 are connected).

    Lemme know, that'd be nice

  • I take it you can't go in that door without a 360 controller?

  • B on the Xbox360 Controller is 'X' on the keyboard. Z is jump. Arrowkeys to move Zip. NumPad to move Henk. '+' on the NumPad makes Henk jump. ESC to quit the game.

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