Mr. Chungs Misadventures

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  • pretty neat

    it crashed right after I got that red thing though

  • I got the cap file from Thomas so I'm gonna look into the crash etc.

    The low fps is caused by the 360 controller plugin. I dont know why, but I'm looking into it.

    That sound is gonna haunt me forever

    I think once it stops crashing, and the lag thing is fixed (probably my fault) and a few more levels get added, this'll make a nice little game

    However, I think the controls should be changes so the left stick controls one character and the right stick controls the other. Same with the keyboard...make AWSD control one and IJKL control the other...that way it can be played as a one player game.

  • This is an interesting idea, but I think it'd probably be too complex in practice. It's already difficult to precisely time your jumping sequences, imagine you'd have to control two characters at a time - that'd twist my brains for sure. Could definitely be added as an option though. I've seen a gamer on youtube ruling Ikaruga by playing 2 ships simultaneously and still beating the game, so I think everythings possible

    Since the game was just a weekend project, I'm thinking about uploading the cap file for everybody to use - everyone could just add levels by copying what's already there and add to it, could be a nice little community project and we could all use it as a learning platform. Some of the events, like the doubleJump are copied from other projects (like deadeyes in that case) anyway.

    The big layout could be used like a tower, so there'd be different stages to go through and the one that's in there could be level one or two - So Mr. Chung always has quests for you and that door always transports you to the right stage in the layout.

    Once there's online we could even test this stuff cooperatively over the net, maybe add one or two more characters with different character attributes to the mix. Sorta like Lost Vikings, anyone remembers that one?

    Anyway, just throwing out ideas, I'll be too busy working on Sein and my dayjob anyway, but it'd probably be a shame to just let it die. Zip and Henk deserve some more lovin!

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  • Was that the guy from china who was a really bad climber and fell on a rock and broke his cock and now he has a vagina?


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  • btw, thomas

    i thought it was supposed to be played one player

    thats how i did it. it wasnt hard

    i didnt even think about what youu had said about 2 controllers

    it should definitely at least be an option

    maybe left and right triggers as jumps, too

  • You didn't realize it was a co-op game? Wow, dude

    I had a couple of guys playing here and I guess it's probably even harder if you have to time the jumps and stuff with a buddy - but it's also definitely more fun!

    Yeah, one could just set up different control schemes in the end. Your suggestion sounds good, really, especially since most controllers feature dual analog sticks now - and left and right shoulder buttons.

    David just told me that he fixed the Xbox360 Controller bug, so I'll hopefully be able to upload a fixed version later on!

  • Nice, I'm looking forward to play it

  • Alright, David just uploaded an updated file with the fixed controller plugin, etc., so it should work on a lot more machines now!

    The controls were changed too, so for now you can play both characters with one controller, using both analogue sticks. Try it out guys, tell me what you think

  • Runs a bit faster, but it's still unplayable. Sometimes Zip cuts right through terrain because of the large timedelta step caused by the low framerate. Still no option to disable motion blur? argh.... it's one event.

  • That was just a quick bugfix update. I'll put up an update later on where you can disable effects and moBlur. Just got a new machine and need to shuffle over the old data.

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