Mega Man X Engine. (New Video 12/07/10)

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  • Hi, I wanna say thank you to the people who helped me with this project, I have less than a week in this forum and this is what I've done:

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    Tell me what you think

    Special thanks to Minor.

  • looking good.... let's see some levels with enemies

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  • Good luck with color swap.

  • Good luck with color swap.

    Haha actually today I saw your post about color swap. I think it's complicated, but I'm not worried about it right now Maybe I will have to make a lot of new animations with the colors and such. But that will be in the future.

    I've made my first enemy =D, I will upload another video when I have more enemys.



  • Nice work there The Mega Man X Engine is coming a long well.

  • The walking looks sticky. I think he needs to move faster....

  • Hahaha you are like the 4� person who say that. Should I increase the speed, or just the animation??

  • I think the animation speed is ok but I think the sprite itself needs to move faster. Its hard to tell from the video. It also looks like some frames are missing or something cause his animation looks strange I cant quite place it...

    And on Azu's note on color changing you could probably use his technique only abstracted to use values stored in an outside file and then call a function and load the values based on parameters passed when you call the function. Instead of writing an event for each color change.

  • i handled color swap in mr winch by breaking up the graphic into multiple sprites (mind you its only 2 colors but the same thing would work with more), with only one of the "colors" in each sprite, the other colours all alpha, and the coloured area pure white. the sprites recoloured using a filter, and you do this for each and every colour. it works exactly like color swap. its a bit of work to set up, but it beats having to import animations for every variation.

  • Well there's always the image manipulator:

  • Do you guys think the tile's set are good?

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    Also, thanks newt for the file, I'll check.


  • yes!

  • The walking looks sticky. I think he needs to move faster....

    Am I the only one, who doesn't notice anything sticky in the movement?!... or you just mean Mega Man X is slow for a Mega Man

    I just can't believe that you've made so much for ONE WEEK! It takes me a whole life to create a piece of crap

  • New screenshots:

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    I've fixed the walking animation, done a new armor (by other member of the team). I'll post a video soon.


  • New video.

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    Mega Man X: Trashed and Scattered is a fan game I started less than 1 month ago. Paul and Roland joined me in the project.

    This video shows a little more gameplay in a little map I did. This video doesn't have any new feature like original graphics or music, everything has been taken from Capcom's Mega Man X original games, I do not own anything but the code itself

    There is some things I've fixed like walking animation or Dash System, I also created 2 enemys, but there is some things that are missing like:

    • More enemys
    • Sparks when Wall Jumping (I have them but when I was recording the video, they appear weird)
    • Some errors from buster

    I know there is some bugs, but don't worry, everything will be fixed for the final version, and I expert a lot lot lot of time for the final version.

    Credits goes to:

    Paul (Spriter)

    Roland (Music)

    Me (Engine and all the other stuff )

    I hope you enjoy the video.

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