Mega Man X Engine. (New Video 12/07/10)

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  • Hey man, great work on this engine! Your video is exactly the reason why I started working in Construct, because I plan on making a Megaman X Challenge game (remake of the original), and I gotta know how you did all this. XD

    I've gotten X to jump and shoot and run, but I can't figure out the dashing. It'd be great if you were going to release the engine, for others to study, since it is a fan game.

    Keep this up man, I'm definately interested in how this pans out.


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  • Hey, long time ago since I posted here...

    I stopped the engine for a long while, for personal reasons... I'm planning on get it back, but I don't know when.

    For DNova1202: You can add me if you have MSN () and I'll gladly help you, if not, ask me via PM.

    So.. the color-swap pluggin is out? I can't remember the user's nick, but if anyone knows, please let me know.


  • I actually can help with that.

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