looking for a strong construct "programmer" to join the team

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  • Hi,

    I and a small team of other pro artists and game designers are starting up this Indie project:


    We'd very much like a strong construct programmer to handle most of the code, so we can focus on making it as pretty and as fun as possible.

    we'll need everything form sophisticated boss programming, to a dialogue and "cinematic" system for camera controlls and such.

    This game will be along the lines of the Wonderboy/mario/and castlevania genre, BUT will offer more humar and unique gameplay that is accessable to casual gamers, but still really fun and rewarding for hardcore gaming veterans like myself.

    This will be a commercially released game. the team will be distributing the proffits based on relative amount of work.

    Any interrested, please reply with examples of your work. You can also email me at

  • That is a pretty good demo! Unfortunately I don't have much of experience in that regard, however I'm sure the demo will impress a more experienced person or couple. Best of luck!

  • very nice project, id help, but alas im too tied up in my own projects to be able to do it.

  • Very nice... Shame that I think im not good enough for this

  • This looks really, really nice. You guys have done a good job so far. I wish you luck in your search for a programmer.

  • Hmm PM me somekind of "job" you want done and Il try to create something and if u like it im more than happy to help and even for free ^^

  • Wow, that's beautiful... loving the trees and parallax

  • Thanks for the compliments and well-wishes everyone.

    Sagal, I'll definately get in touch some time soon (tomorrow most likely) ... for now I need to get some sleep.

  • Very beautiful, but...

    Is this object using Magnify and/or Lens effect?

    They don't work well with Pixel Shader 1.4 cards (DirectX 8.1) - they work well with PS 2.0 cards :/


    -with effect:

    Disable when: PS 2.0 Unavailable[/code:376pyjwr]
    -with object ([b]Common[/b] section]:
    [code:376pyjwr]Destroy when: PS 2.0 Unavailable[/code:376pyjwr]
    PS. My graphics cards supports only <= PS 1.4
  • Okay thanks im always interested in projects though im workin for company atm but well this seems too interesting to pass... Though we have 2 very important projects going on... one for Finlands Government and another for finnish band I can think I can create something... Though Im going to include it in my portfolio it its ok as if i dont get paid... Like this style: Programmed by Sagal or etc...

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  • Wow man... holy crap. This looks awesome

    I'm really digging the art style, and all the little subtle things in the background. This is going to be one hell of a slick game! Need to add sword swinging... I want to chop some stuff xD


  • Thanks for the heads up on the pixel-shader stuff patryk1303.

    Thanks SoljahBoy, The actaul gameplay is something I'll be working on next... I'll try to get a demo out with the basic combat within the next month or so.

  • Sagal. I sent a PM, please let me know if you don't recieve it. (for some reason it looks like its sitting in the "outbox" but I se no option to send it?!?

  • It sits there until Sagal logs on, then it ambushes his inbox.

  • Holy shit(e) Holymonkey. Looks verry nice. I fancy envirement and the way you came up with trees animations. How long you drawing for? I was on your site, and realized that when drawing you are using same shemes as when doing pixelart.

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