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  • Griddy RPG is a project I've been working on for a while. Like the name suggests, it is a grid-based role-playing game. You play a hero character who wanders around in a large world, slays monsters and collects gold to spend in upgrade shops. The game has a very simple combat system, but there are many subtle tactics that can be used to give you the edge in battle.

    Here are some screenshots from version 1.00:

    <img src="" border="0">

    <img src="" border="0">

    <img src="" border="0">

    Download GriddyRPG v1.00 here!

    Alternate download link (if the above doesn't work)

    The controls and changelog can be found in the readme file included with the game.

    The game is now complete and you can win by defeating the final boss in the volcano. Let me know what you think!

  • Looks pretty cool, but the site didn't let me download it =/ Can you upload it with DropBox or just another host?

  • Multiuploaded for your downloading pleasure. (Check the first post for the link.)

  • Version 0.10 is now available. The download link is in the first post.

    You can now choose a name and equipment for your character. The weapon choice is purely cosmetic and has no effect on your combat abilities. However, you can also choose a trait for your character, which affects the upgrade prices in shops throughout the game.

    Additionally, new rooms have been added to the swamp level and the laboratory, including two new enemy types.

  • Updated the first post with the link to Griddy 0.11. This version adds two new levels after the jungle level. One of them is slightly tricky to find, so you'll have to look around a bit.

    I've also added a new monster attack type, which is only used by a single monster in the whole game. You'll see what it is when you reach the cave, and it is quite central to the puzzles there.

  • I must say, I enjoyed this. It was aesthetically pleasing with the simple graphics and music, and though the combat was pretty simplistic, it seemed as though some strategy was involved in the customization of your character that would give you the edge in combat. I like! :D Lol

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  • Thanks for the comment. It's good to know that someone is enjoying this stuff.

    The next update is still in progress, and it'll probably take some time to finish. So here's a picture of a salamander I just drew that will be used in the volcano level:

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • I know I already said this, but I just wanted to reiterate how simple graphics can be SO much better than complex in cases like this game. Keep it up. :D

  • Another update. 0.12 is now available in the first post.

    This version adds an all-new save file system to the game which will allow me to store level-specific data. Potions and gold piles have been changed so you can only pick them up once. To compensate for this, gold amounts have increased and potions can now be purchased in special shops throughout the game.

    There were also some minor changes. Truesight potions last twice as long as before, and the readme file has been updated with a new description of combat mechanics. Finally, there's now a text file called "legend.txt" in the levels directory, which explains how the text is used in the level files, for those who might want to make their own levels.

  • Wow! This is very cool!

    Congrats! I'm fixing my pc tonight so I may be able to test it!

    Any chance this could be done on C2?

  • Wow! This is very cool!

    Congrats! I'm fixing my pc tonight so I may be able to test it!

    Any chance this could be done on C2?aybe! I haven't used Construct 2 yet so I don't know.

    Considering the amount of time I've spent developing Griddy, though, it's unlikely that I'll switch to a new coding environment at this point.

  • Here's another update. Version 0.13 is available for download and the link is in the first post.

    This version adds another level called the Death Road, which is located at the end of the Ninja Village. This new area features powerful enemies such as zombies, necromancers and ghosts. The Necromancer is capable of raising additional zombies to aid him in battle, so tread carefully among the graves of the unfortunate.

    Some smaller changes have also been implemented. Drinking antidotes is now considered a free action; you will no longer end your turn if you drink it in a fight. I've also fixed some bugs and changed a few pieces of code that probably won't be noticed by players.

    The Death Road is the penultimate level of Griddy RPG. Once you have conquered it, all that remains is the searingly hot Volcano level where the lair of the Dragon can be found. Is your hero ready to save the world?

  • Another update! Version 0.15 is now available and the download link is in the first post.

    There is a new Volcano level for you to explore, and most importantly, the game can now be completed! If you manage to defeat the Dragon in the deepest parts of the Volcano, you will be declared victorious, and an angelic choir will sing your praises and stuff. Maybe not the choir, but still.

    You might even notice that a special challenge is unlocked after your victory. This is my challenge to the most dedicated players, and not something to be taken lightly! It may seem unfair at first, but I can assure you that completing this challenge is entirely possible. And if you manage to finish that challenge, well, you may find that yet another special thing has been unlocked!

    Aside from the volcano, this new version includes several secret changes and one level that is very difficult to find. I will give you one simple hint: Look for it in the place where there is nothing.

  • Will our previous saves work with version 0.15, or will we have to start a new game?

  • Saves are created with a simple array, so they should be compatible between all versions.

    Though, you may encounter some small weirdness here and there depending on just how old your save is. For example, if you load a save from a very old version before custom character names were implemented, the game will think that your character is named "0", which is the default value of the array; however this just looks a bit weird and has no real impact on the gameplay.

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