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  • Version 0.17 is now available, and I've updated the links in the first post.

    Aside from the general bug fixes, this version includes a new feature inspired by one of my favorite roguelikes. You may now "look" at enemies by pressing L and selecting them with a special cursor. This command will give you a brief description of the enemy and an estimate of how powerful they are compared to your own character.

  • Can anyone tell me how to make a grid based enemy ai?

  • Can anyone tell me how to make a grid based enemy ai? can send you the cap of this game if you're interested. The AI in my game is quite simple. If the enemy is next to the player, they will always attack. If they are not next to the player, their behavior is based on one of the following patterns:

    1. Random, frequent movement (rolls a 1d4 and moves in the direction that is selected)

    2. Random movement, but less frequent than the first.

    3. Aggressive movement - When the player is within a certain radius (around 3 squares) the enemy will start to move towards the player. If they get close enough, they will attack.

    4. Intelligent movement - Works the same as the random movement but with one exception: The enemy will never move to a square that is next to the player. This means that it will always get the first strike.

    If you need anything more, let me know!

  • Aannd the game is now done! I've added new screenshots and downloads to the first post. Woo!

  • Post the cap, post the cap!

    Please :-D

  • I beat the game but the game says I unlock challenge mode, how to get it?

  • Hello everyone! Here is the CAP file if you'd like to take a look at the source code. I take no responsibility for any shenanigans you might partake in with this file. ... sp=sharing

    blackstr, to access challenge modes, simply select them in the traits menu when you're making a new character.

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  • I remember there was a v1.01 where pressing esc will sent you to main menu. no but you can make your own levels and share here

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