FDK (shoot the boss game)

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  • Ok, here's one lighter on effects and stuff (almost none), no motion blur-nothing.

    Should be quite fast and playable on different machines. Fly around and shoot the Boss (see readme for details).




    (about 2.5Mb zip)

    Just a few tips/hints

    food always falls toward the middle of the screen so you can wait for it there (use shift to accelerate).

    curiosity kills the bison (to your own benefit)

    'touch' the top of the 'windmill' thing so it starts rotating.

    if you hear an evil laugh, you have about 1 second to move away from the center of the screen.

    Use brakes (space) often to position yourself toward the target.

    Zombie rockets cannot be destroyed, colliding with them takes a lot of energy.

    Conclusion-kill the zombie pilots (soldiers) ASAP.

    Killing birds gets you -10 morale.


  • "An unexpected error occurred and the application was terminated. We apologise for the inconvenience. Please report this bug to the application vendor."

    This popps up as soon as I try to run the app, and I hearby report it.

    Btw; that screenshot is bitchin.

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  • Darnmnmn!! That sounds bad. Hmm..can you try something here? I mean most likely it's not that but maybe putting that mikmod.dll where the game is?

    You can find it in ..Scirra\Construct\Plugins\Runtime dir. I've no idea what else, I can play it without any problems, darndarn. Just try this and let me know, I'll check the rest again .

  • Tried and it did not work. Hope this can be fixed! Finally a game without ps2 and i STILL can't play it!

  • Ok, I went through the game and found out that one shader was not set to Off in case ps2 was not found . It was actually the one in main menu. So, I've checked the rest, they're all turn off if not supported by hardware so if you can try this version and let me know.


    noPS2 version


  • Actually, i made a spelling mistake when i was typing "game" (i spelled it like "app"). The menue worked in the first version, it is when i klick play it crashes. it gives some kind of noise too, like if the music starts to play but don't get futurer then "PLUH...". This version works exactly the same.

  • That sounds a little bit better and from the sound of it it's a problem with Mod file which cannot start obviously. I had a bunch of problems with Mods in Construct, up to the point where I've actually removed the first mod which was supposed to play in the menu because I had the exact the same problem that you've described. If you can try to remove the mod from the folder (or delete) and start the game, see if that will fix it?

  • It works for me, nice game. I was surprised by the music since its not very serious, but its nice and breaks the silence.

  • Nice game, but controls are horrible in my opinion... when im facing up and then i press down it speeds up like race car to the bottom, and rotating is kinda slow. Also u can find dead spots in the game and the boulders (who the hell is throwing them xDDD). Other than that its nice game with very nice music (and graphics).

  • Nice artwork! Runs fine for me here - but the controls are pretty crazy!

  • Hehe, thanks.

    Yeah, controls/speed and acceleration are handled randomly. As soon as you get used to hold CTRL+SPACE to break, it's very easy to go around. I kinda tweaked them like this (seriously, took me days .

    However, I have a bunch of problems now myself. I think my game got corrupted somewhere along the way for this problem to happen.

    I've discovered two things. If Mod object is on the layout, regardless that there are no actions to call it, the game will freeze if you try to play it twice in the row (without exiting the game) with CPU usage reporting 100%. If Mod is removed from layout (not just actions but the 'object' itself), the game will play over and over again without freezing.

    However, in this case, new thing happens. Once you play the game second time in the row, for a several long seconds CTRL is not recognized and everything else just stays there even though you can still move around. Once the CTRL 'is back', you can continue with the game as the enemies will suddenly be brought back to life.

    Can any of you play it with Mod, twice in the row (without exiting) and please report whether it freezes for you or whether that CTRL thing happens?

    Thanks again and sorry for all these versions and stuff, it does feel like spamming .

  • Controls made me wanna turn it off almost immediately. I didn't though, and easily found a spot under the boss where I couldn't be hit and just held the fire button down.

    The art is decent enough, but I would rethink the controls.

  • Here's the (most likely) final version with the list of some changes.

    -Mod plays now, no freezing.

    -Added damage for the spots too close to enemy.

    -Cursor is now (in)visible where it should be.

    -Added 3 random bullets below skeletons.

    -definitely triple checked that all effects are Off where not supported.

    The only thing I could not fix or force is the 'CTRL paused' thing if played again without exiting.

    I've no idea why that happens and the only way to go about it is to press that key until the thing starts (sometimes it's right away, other times takes several seconds).


    http://www.2shared.com/file/3699056/285 ... final.html


  • I'll have to try the new one when I get home tonight. Its a cool idea for a demo, but like the others have said the controls take some getting used to. A little choppy at times, too... but that just might be my computer.

  • The graphics are really groovy, and the effects are cool, I could see it being much more enjoyable if the controls weren't so strange. Definitely needs a new control system, the dude faces directions you don't expect, and since there's so much going on, it's near impossible to shoot at the boss and dodge bullets, the controls are the only thing holding it back from awesomeness.

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