FDK (shoot the boss game)

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A shoot template with ragdoll effect and enemy see you.
  • I came to say exactly what AsparagusTrevor said. Awesome graphics, but too damn hard... mainly because of the controls.

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  • Ok, this is as much as I can do with it as it is the basic 8dir movement. I've removed the extra speed, de/acceleration and stuff. Doesn't feel too much different though, just slower somewhat but it might work, dunno.

    Also, press Space at almost all times, especially when you want to position yourself to face any angle as this key is probably the most useful here. If characters is facing weird spot or just seems to speed up to his own death, press space. Rotation is also as fast as your fingers are, really can't do much about it but in general with space down at the same time, positioning is easy.

    Try it out and see if this one is working for you.


    It's only Exe in there, about 2megs.

    Forgot, press P to pause and Enter to continue (should have mapped the same key though, next game then ).

  • "An unexpected error occurred and the application was terminated. We apologise for the inconvenience. Please report this bug to the application vendor."

    This popps up as soon as I try to run the app, and I hearby report it.

    Btw; that screenshot is bitchin.

    I'm getting the same problem with the Final link... I probably should get to my laptop before I try these games...

  • Love your artwork as always !

    It plays a lot better now with the random acceleration removed.

    My only other suggestion might be that it would play better if the character always looked at the mouse. Like you set the direction Rotation property in the eight direction to none, and then add an action

    Always : rotate 500 * timedelta towards MouseX, MouseY

    And that I imagine would make it play easier.

    However, it might make it too easy. I think some of the challenge in the game comes from the face you aim in the direction you look...so you have to actually move in order to face a different direction which makes things a lot more tricky!

    Up to you

  • Thanks ppl

    For the App Termination Error, hmm..it shouldn't happen if that error is connected with initializing all the ps effects as they are turned off. However, I'm not sure if that error points to that or general lack of hardware power?

    David, I've tried that thing with look at mouse always. The game so far didn't use the mouse so with this mouse look implemented what happens is that you do have to play with mouse and positioning is fast (as fast as your mouse/hand movement). However, the problem in my case is that..well, you have to use arrow keys, ctrl to fire and eventually shift+space together with mouse movement.

    Does anyone wants that version? I'm asking cause I find it hard to control all of this at the same time .

  • Well you could replace control with left click and space with right click. Anyways it was just a suggestion, these kinda things u just gotta tweak with and see if they work or dont work.

  • Ran smooth with no noticable bugs.

    The best that I've done is taking out three of the guns. When you have to stay near the top of the screen its tough to avoid the homing bullets...

  • can u reupload?

  • the link is broken

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