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  • -Epicopter-

    A game by Davioware

    <img src="http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/1010927/EPICOPTERSS1.png">

    <img src="http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/1010927/EPICOPTERSS2.png">

    This is my latest little project, I decided to work on it as a break from bit fortress since the 99.4+ collision bug is getting in my way of continuing with a stable release. This was done in 98.9, I don't know how far this project will go, but i'm planning on keeping it small scale/arcade, since I already have Bit Fortress and my Massive Top Secret Project to keep me busy for months.

    Anyways, I just wanted to release this so you guys could test it out and dump some feedback on me. It's getting really late so i'm just going to make a quick post and let you guys play the game. A lot of features are missing, so don't mind that; just test the engine and the general feel of flying/rescuing/killing men.

    DOWNLOAD HERE: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/1010927/Epicopter.zip

  • I can't get past the controls. Any tutorial on how to fly? It seems like it could be a really neat game if I could just level out the helicopter.

  • With a lot of patience it could be neat, but i can't control the helicopter at all, no matter what i do, it swings out of control exponentially.

    It looks cool, and the idea is cool, but i can't handle it.

  • cool game.

    love how the only way you explode on ground collisions is if your main rotor collides. after messing with it for 30 minutes i was getting really good at doing cart wheels of death, then landing them unscathed.

    never could actually fly the damn thing though....

  • Like the others said, the helicopter is uncontrollable. I see you have a stabilize button, but that still doesn't do the trick. I tried pressing stabilize, and thrust at the same time while trying to steer the thing, and it is very unintuitive. Pressing W & S is confusing. Also, the game needs an exit button. I had to CTRL ALT DEL my way out of the game.

    Also, the graphics are quite nice, with the silhouetted destruction.

  • I was able to make it fly and go where I wanted to a little

    after messing around with it for a while

    and for those who want to give it a try

    you basically have to constantly tap and release left, right, and up

    not nonstop as fast as you can, but each time you see it falling a little too much

    or leaning a little too much

    it's kinda like wipeout xl for psx on the fastest possible level going fullspeed

    but it's way too touchy for just having the basic gameplay be this way

    if it's going to require that much effort to control

    it should be because you're driving at the fastest possible speed on the fastest racing game of all time

    or docking a spaceship into a mothership at the end of a long mission

    not taking off and moving 5 pixels to the right without crashing

  • I know, the controls take some getting used to .


    -Stabilize should have been called Auto level - as the helicopter attempts to set the thrust for you to maintain a steady altitude. Do not use this button with W, as it is meant as a replacement for the thrust. Can only be used for about 5-8 seconds before needing a short recharge.

    -Do not press A or D continuously, they are just meant to adjust the tilt of the helicopter with small taps, with the main rotor doing the movement work. You have to adjust the tilt constantly during flight.

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  • Cool game Especially the helicopter animation, that looks great. The controls are a little to sensitive i think and when you press "B" it is creating a new instance of the ffdshow audio decoder every time. so when i press b 10 times, i will have 10 symbols of the encoder in my task bar on the bottom right. Don't know if it is just displaying the icons so often or if it isn't restarting the decoder properly.

  • This is the kind of game I'd be hurling my controller at the screen over.

    Unless this is a Helicopter Crashing Simulator, then in which case, Bravo, you did well, you even made it look like you actually had goals you could accomplish.

    Sorry for my harsh comment. I just really didn't like the controls, which I think is the most common complaint you have recieved.

  • Helicopters are just hard to fly no matter what. I think it's rather well done myself... took a little while to get used to it, but it's quite easy once you get the hang of it.

    Cool game

    Reminds me of the old-school game for the C64, CHOPLIFTER.


  • Yeah, still somewhat annoying to control. I suppose I should just not touch it rather then comment about things I don't really understand.

  • Oh wow, it resembles choplifter a lot! I didn't even know the game existed .

  • Oh wow, it resembles choplifter a lot! I didn't even know the game existed .

    That was my favourite game on the C64

    And yeah, it is a tad hard to control, it took me an hour or so before I could really start to fly around without crashing.

    I think it would be a lot easier with 360 controller support though, using the trigger as thrust etc. and the stick to hover around.

    I guess I just mastered it through sheer determination lol.


  • Sweet game! Amazing work for a side project. I had trouble with the controls as well. I got the hang of them ok, but could either kill enemies or pick up prisoners. It was nearly impossible to do both at the same time. Still really nice work.

  • Respawning and falling uncontrollably to my doom in less than half a second is never a good thing.

    However the music is suitably epic.

    I like, albeit with an improved control scheme. Maybe pick up some clues from Choplifter?

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