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  • Good news. After replaying my old demo of the game a few weeks ago, I realized that the controls were absolutely horrid. Everything has been changed and fixed, and the controls are nice and responsive now.

    On another note, Epicopter is going to be back with another demo in the near future... And I've turned it into a fully procedurally generated post/present apocalyptic strategy/rpg hybrid. As It stands right now, it's really fun to play, and i'm currently sorting out the details of the story. I've added tons of new content, and I have really high hopes for the future of this game... I'm even starting to consider selling it for 5$ or so...

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  • thats bad ass looking, cant wait to see if flying is now flying, instead of crashing and exploding.

  • The lastest version seems fantastic. Great game.

  • Looks beautiful. Hope you get all the way to the release!

  • I am currently not working on this. Haven't in over a year. It may be released in the future for free. It was too ambitious, and out of the scope of Construfeasibility (the physics engine isn't robust enough for what I wanted to do.). The code's a mess, and the newer versions of construct break the physics engine too much. Most importantly, the work to fun ratio was too small to be worth it. Good design goes a long way.

    TowerClimb gets all of my attention now.

  • A free buggy version would be more then enough for me, i just want to play what whas in the demo!

  • Hi mate!

    Love the Idea! But the controls are a bit hard !!

    also find the gravity to strong! If you could sort these out, I think you'd be onto a winner..

    I Only started with Construct yesterday, and already I love it..

    Seeing your idea, just goes to prove what a great system it is!

    Now do it proud and make this game a classic!!

    Keep up the good work..

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