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  • Hi there,

    This is something i was making with MMF, but it never got finished mainly due to my lack of time and planning but also largely because MMF sucks in some respects. I'd like to continue with this in construct if possible (i'm basically waiting for an online plugin to be made). It will be fun to simply make a nice graphical engine atleast even if I do not get the time to take it further. So just enjoy some nice visuals (all original graphics) , heres some from the last betas (playing online)-

    <img src="http://edenofficial.com/files/gallery/screen10.png">

    <img src="http://edenofficial.com/files/gallery/screen14.png">

    <img src="http://edenofficial.com/files/gallery/screen8.png">

    Theres also a video if anyone is interested. I'd like to see what you make of this and if you have any thoughts please do post.

  • That is absolutely spectacular! I'm extremely impressed by the planet in the background. Wouldn't mind having my hands on your nebulous starfield bg either. Haha, I can only imagine how this would play in construct. Lots of use of the zoom feature, I'd suspect. Very snappy UI, too.

  • This looks a lot like Escape Velocity. Some friends and I were actually going to make a full 3D game like it at one point.

  • Wow that looks great! Even got it working online too from the looks of it? I never really did have much luck with the old MOO objects...

    And LOL, I just realised this is basically the "spaceship" version of what I'm working on... but I think this game is aimed more at the MMORPG side of things, where as mine is more deathmatch... looks damn fantastic though! I love space games...

  • Yeah those are all actual screenshots of betas. We had about 6 people playing at one point which was an absolute laugh, we were all on skype and stuff. But without a zoom, its really annoying.

    Saying that though, i did actually get a zoom engine going in MMF (@CapnObliv), of course after doing all that maths, my head was hurting and i found actual development more difficult. MMF kept keeping me back in ways that Construct actually help (MMF has a maximum of 26 variables per object. When i had used all those up it was a right pain and meant solving it would make my code messy, or i would have to re-work loads of the engine).

    Yeah its really inspired by EV Nova, what a great game . Yes its more geared to MMORPG than deathmatch. I'm hoping the combat will be fun, its got a mix of counter strike and WoW combat (you primarily shoot your target using your mouse controlled turret and primary weapon. Skill is required in this alone. I planned to also add ability that could be used with the number keys to add another element of skill to the PVP).

    More screenies coming achoo...

  • Hey alee... Did you draw that planet or was it "borrowed" from somewhere? I was mainly wondering because I have some awesome tutorials from "Greg Martin" on drawing planets and starscapes in Photoshop... and they are damn good. If you are interested let me know, I'll make a thread and post them up or something.

  • I'm intrested!

  • Theres a plugin for PS for making planets that we did use at one point, although these were made by one of the guys that was helping me. I'm not sure how he did it, but hes very skilled with PS.

    Sure, those tutorials sound cool. Post em up

    Attan Thanks man

    SCREENZOR- 3 player action!

    <img src="http://edenofficial.com/files/gallery/screen13.png">

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  • Looking awesome, keep up the great work!

  • Tutorial as requested here:

  • Those planets look niiiice.

  • Very professional looking. Hope an online plugin comes around sooner rather than later so this sees more development

  • Ashley : Are you talking about the screenies or the tutorial?

    I like the sound of that Rich, I'm looking up to those sexy red names to give us an online plugin

    Video and screenies coming achoo soon!

  • I remember seeing this on klikcast! Can't wait for it to come out!

  • Hah me too

    Its probably going to take ages, concidering neither contruct nor MMF are ready for it. I want to build it in contruct "cos its cooler".

    I'm just going to start posting weekly builds of it or something over at edenofficial.com when i start development again.

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