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  • Hi

    First of all, hi to everyone and big thanks to Scirra people for Construct, it's really damn cool. I never tinkered with similar programs but this one really got me by the..umm..beard.

    Now, I've no idea how (trial and error probably) but I've managed to put this game together so hope you enjoy it (it's super short though).

    download ... final.html

    about 5Mb zip^^

    Also, my hardware is not the latest so I notice some hiccups when character runs even though it constantly reports about 45-55 fps or more. Oddly, in debug mode, there are no stuttering as it runs super smooth so I guess that made me throw so much at the game.

    If any of you experience the same slowdowns (or some other), please let me know as I'm interested in comparing results (which depending on the outcome might mean that my next game will be Red box vs Blue circle ).


  • Nice game, but spamming with sword swings at air will block your character at "falling animation" , also i notice a little slowdown when this cannon balls falled on me. Other than than its neat game.

    Ps. You're from russia right?

  • Insanely cool style. I hope the graphics are yours.

    But i got some weird texture bug.

  • Thanks guys.

    From what you report seems like my hardware sucks which is good and bad news at the same time.

    Also, no I'm not from Russia but it just happened that during the tinkering with Construct I was listening to this band, Messer Chups (they're Russian) so that spawned the whole 'idea'.

    Graphics are all mine too, I do design/illustration stuff for living (kinda).

    Sword swinging, yeah, I know about that one. If you just press the Shift+Control, I think he executes the action properly but if you hold it then he gets stuck like 'floating' in the air.

    I'm not so sure about that bug, was the character looking like that all the time (through the game) or just at that particular moment? Also, did it happen again if you quit (press Escape in game) and then try again?

  • Looks excellent but my computer doesnt like motion blur so its unplayable for me Good work though!

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  • Ok, for all who can't play it with motion blur, here's the version without it ~ ... mboff.html

    Hope this works .

  • Thanks, I still get a little bit of rigid/jittery movement, but I got to try it now. I am a little bit confused about what to do once you reach the magnet and the weird tetris blocks

  • Runs perfectly smooth for me here. Excellent artwork, great job!!

  • It works for me without the blur.

    But that leaves me wondering. Why do you want blur on a game that is based around it's pixel art?

  • Thanks everyone for comments

    Yeah, I see now that it's really my hardware. I ran that test from some other topic, rain shooter something and I had 11 fps at 800x600 where everyone else reported about 45 minimum and up to 70-100fps .

    Also, I've put this new file which basically check on layout start if motion blur is supported and if not then it turns it off so you should be able to play regardless. This is just so I don't have to have two different downloads. So..anyone out there who's card doesn't support mb, can you check this file and see if that works.

    All I did was to put something like -

    Start of Layout - Motion Blur supported - do stuff as usual


    MB not supported - turn it off and proceed with stuff (hope this works )

    Here's the link and in case it works then I'll just delete those links up there and put this one to minimize confusion. ... atest.html

    Also in this version, I think I've fixed the 'caught in the air animation' thingie .

    About blurring pixel art, first reason would be greed . I saw the effect while testing the game early on and I fell in love, I guess. I think it adds a bit to the atmosphere, kinda like old movies being all blurry and smudged or at least that's how it kinda looked to me. Another reason would be since I have jitter effect while character is running is that MB somewhat hides this so I left it like that.

  • I didn't mean that I couldn't run it, I just meant it lagged too much for me, so can you also add a ini file or something which stores whether motion blur is on (1) or off (0)?

  • My card supports motion blur. It works with other examples. But in this case i have no idea what is going wrong.

  • Hmm..darn, I've just realized that doing motion blur check via layout or even INI won't work cause it doesn't check whether your hardware can support it or not but whether is MB turned on or off in application effects menu. Ayayayayay. If anyone has any idea as to how to go about it, or..umm, how to actually check (if possible) whether mb can be displayed or not..uh, please let me know. In meantime I guess I'll leave these two separate versions.

    Also, sami, can you play it at all with motion blur or the lag is too heavy?

  • Set motion blur off in application properties, and then on start of layout, if motion blur is supported, turn it on.

    Ideally though you should provide an in-game option to turn it off even if it's supported, because it can slow down old video cards a lot (5x motion blur means 5x as much rendering work is done).

  • Hmm...that's exactly what I did with that latest upload right up there. I turned off in app properties motion blur then on layout start I've put if MB is supported to turn on, otherwise it's turned off.

    I just have no means to test whether that works cause since my card do support mb, it's always turned on when I test it. If someone who's hardware doesn't support mb can test that version and see if the mb indeed turns off~that would be quite swell.

    Yeah, I can also try to add it to menu to turn on/off thingie too (but only if this method really works).


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