Cherche Le Zavr (a lil game)

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  • Neither. Motion blur works and if not over done my card can handle it.

  • Darn, I've no idea why it won't work ). Hopefully this might work for some people, dunno what to say.

    Also, seems like I can't edit my own post as I would probably delete the previous download links and put only this download to the first post. Soo..if admin or someone can do that~I would much appreciate it .


    link ... final.html

  • Worked fine for me (performance-wise... there is a small problem with the destroyable wall).

    Very cool art style, though.

  • I updated your link on your first post

    And HOLY SHEET THAT IS AMAZING! Took me a few gos to work out how to get to the end of the game....kept getting destroyed by that missile..took me ages to work out the bomb could take out the missile lol! It's a shame the game is so short but at the same time I'm glad its a game i actually managed to get to the end I did u think up all that crazy stuff?!

    Um I noticed a couple of bugs the animation getting stuck...and at some point I jumped up and disappeared...

    And the runtime seems to occasionally crash too...would it be possible for you to email me the cap file...those runtime crashes shouldn't happen.

    And last...any tips on how you do your artwork?

  • Thanks!

    Yeah, the game was just experiment with stuff I've seen in Construct, thus everything from physix to some rts movement, a bit of random stuff, particles..just learning this way what can be done.

    Due to that, the game itself is very inefficient, horribly I may say as I had no idea how to do some things so I had to come up with 'workarounds' for every problem which in turn might have bloated up the whole thing. Just like those things you mentioned like getting stuck at the wall and disappearance.

    Inspiration- SciFi/Horror B movies...Stalin...messer chups, zombies.

    I'll PM you the cap but be aware of two things-

    It's horrible.

    It's horrible.

    Gfx are all done in Graphics Gale, using the tablet (makes things easy). Simply draw a shape and fill with flat darkest color. Select lighter color than previous than draw inside the shape again and repeat the process about two to three more times depending on how many gradients or variations of the same color you want/need (I usually go for 4).

    Use dithering in between two colors to 'smooth' them up if needed. Just go from dark to light, makes things that much easier. Oh, and Zoom In frequently.

  • The art style in this is really cool. I like how it doesn't really look like a game, more like a collage. The biggest drawback to this style though is it's rather confusing... I had a difficult time discerning foreground and background objects. A little more variance in saturation between the two would work to separate them, I think.

    I agree with what someone said before, too... why would you need the motion blur for a game that is so gorgeously pixeled? It works on my machine, but I turned it off because it obscured the art too much. Maybe you could add the blur at key points in the game to keep that dreamlike quality, but dial it down or turn it off when it's not really necessary.

    The controls and such also need a lot of work, but this is forgivable since, as you said, it's just an experiment. It's obvious that your focus is art and not code. Still, I think it's good that game artists have at least some familiarity with coding so they can create art to fit the program's features and limitations. You might consider teaming up with someone who's expertise is coding, a collaboration between your art and clean code would be freaking fantastic.

    Overall I thought it was very impressive, though. Good job

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  • I might just pitch in and say I agree motion blur is probably best off here - nothing's moving very fast either, so fairly slow scrolling plus motion blur equals 'softened' graphics, which is unfortunate for very nicely drawn pixel sprites!

  • Thanks, deadeye.

    With MB, yeah you got the point but now it has both options for on and off so people can choose. In my case, I actually have a better visual performance with mb ON and some annoying skipping without it .

    And, yeah I agree that this is more like a collage or moving..umm, postcard or something. I found that Construct is perfect for these lil experiments as I probably wouldn't have patience or time for anything bigger than 'shoot the boss' kinda thing.

    That pretty much tells what my next game is gonna be about .

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