Checking up on some favourites

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  • Below is a list of a few games that really caught my attention, but I'm not sure what became of them. Hopefully, someone knows or the creator(s) are still around.


    Half Life 2D

    Talbot's Odyssey

    Bug Hunter (or something very close to that)

    Thank you.

  • I dropped Minitroid a while back. I had just switched to Construct when I started on it, and it ended up being a giant mess. It was a good learning experience though. We might bring it back some time, but probably in C2 and with original characters and such. I think I'm done with fan-games.

    To my knowledge the Construct version of Talbot's Odyssey was canceled, and they started remaking it in C++.

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  • Thank you for the response Tokinsom. I really enjoyed the music for Minitroid, but the music's distinct Metroid sound would exclude it from use in a non-fan game. Although that doesn't mean even better music couldn't be made for an original game.

    Too bad about Talbot's Odyssey.

    I just remembered another game that stood out:

    Breaking Winds (I believe the name was later changed)


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