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  • Wasn't sure were to post this? I made it with CC so I think it should be here!

    Its just another one of my 'why have you made that' creations.

    But somebody might find it usefull.


    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/22173473/layout1.png" border="0">


    CAPROJ Project Viewer.(created with Construct Classic r1.2)


    1, View the contents of your CAPROJ folder without having to open dozens of seperate windows


    2, Preview / playback your Animations files.

    3, View your Tiled background textures

    4, Preview / play your Sound files (not m4a)


    Drop the EXE or Cap into your CAPROJ Project folder and run it.

    Play an Animation:

    1, Click the Animations folder in Window 1

    2, Select an Animation (name) in Window 2

    3, Select the Animation DIirection, angle in Window 3

    4, Select the frame you want to play the Animation from in Window 4

    5, Set the playback speed

    5, Press the PLAY button under Window 4

    View Tlied background Textures:

    1, Click the Textures folder in Window 1

    2, Select an texture in Window 2

    Preview a Sound file:

    1, Click the Files folder in Window 1

    2, Select a Sound in Window 2

    3, Press the PLAY button above window 2


    To be honest, I made this for personal use, based on my P.C Settings, so i can't guarantee it will work on your 'system'.

    It might not work correctly if your CAPROJ folder (structure) doesnt match the following image:(not the MY GAME files)

    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/22173473/folder%20pic.png" border="0">

    Download files

    (RAR file containing EXE, Cap file and instructions)

    Work in progress

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