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  • Amazing work!

    And a great gameplay too!

  • Very stylish. A little too easy though..

  • it's not easy if you try to get a really good score

  • So it's finished? Yayyy


  • Very nice overall . Some of the dialogue is a bit clunky, and by the end of the game I was just spamming boxes everywhere to get through, but it was good for the most part. The atmosphere and music are really what sets this game off.

    Had a bit of trouble with jumping sometimes, too, but hey that's physics for you.

  • but hey that's physics for you.

    FINALLY someone that understands this.

  • LOL only because I've tried to make a physics platformer too, it's not as easy as it sounds

  • Awesome game, it just needs a level editor.

    I love the graphical style

  • I dunno. Maybe I feel it's kind of like trying to assign points to Portal or even Halflife. In these kind of games, I only care about how far I get, not how much I score. Just MY opinion Still a nice little game though!

  • I think this is one of the best Construct Creations I've seen so far. It's real fun. Could need a little more gameplay though, maybe extras or other things you can shoot or build up in order to get through a level. Maybe you could add an option where there'd be a limit of boxes you could use in a level to get through it - right now you can simply blast away boxes and getting throgh the level is a safe bet that way. It's no challenge.

    Also, the drawings are sometimes really off - like, in the first cutscene, when you suddenly see the guys eye - that looked really weird.

    Other than that, this is really cool.

    Maybe we should create a thread where all the finished Construct Games are listed and sorted / updated dynamically?

  • Wow man, cool game. I really like the style and atmosphere!

    You should add a "high scores" section or something for "least crates used". You could even do this on a per level basis, as well as a whole game score.

    Only a few small bug-like issues like the jumping (as deadeye mentioned) but, yeah... that's physics for you Other than that it's pretty awesome!

    Well made. 9.5/10


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  • This game is so awesome and professionally constructed (no pun intended)! I'm loving the art style and the skits. Great job. I didn't really find anything wrong with the jumping, but the character did get stuck in a crate once. Couldn't do anything but restart.

    This game reminds me of that TI calculator game, Block Dude. They share the basic concept, but Block Dude is more of a puzzler. Maybe I'll try to remake that in Construct...

    Well, anyway, good work with the game!

  • It was a fun game ! I like when the cars with physics came in. The game did get a little dull though.

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