Battle For The Land (New Demo Eventually)

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  • Story:

    You play as a member of the forest born hunters in an attempt to avenge a raid on their land. The story also follows the personal life of the protagonist as she starts to show strange signs of magic.

    Look below for download link.


    So time has finally been friendly to me, between all the Xbox 360 games and work, I have eventually completed a 2nd demo. Some parts need work, and some parts have been improved. I have also drawn some pictures and added them into a story form. They might not be good though, so let me know if they can be improved. please.

    Look below for download link.


    • Walk Cycle has been improved to 9 frames instead of the previous 4 frames.
    • An outline has been added to some things to make them stand out more.
    • Background graphics.
    • Some of the ground graphics.
    • Jump button (From 'space bar' to 'C')
    • Options menu is sort of functional, it allows you to change volume and toggle outline.
    • Boss tells you when he will attack.
    • Fire barrier instead of invisible wall during boss fight.
    • Boss health bar for assurance that you're actually doing damage.
    • A storyline has been added.
    • New levels have been added.
    • New music and sound effects.

    *NOTE* - Press 'Esc' from options menu to go back to the main menu.

    Look below for download link.


    *NOTE* This video was made a while ago, Some things have changed since.


    I have added help in the game, but here are the buttons anyway.

    Z - Sword Attack (press multiple/times for a 3 hit combo)

    X - Cast Rune

    C - Jump

    P - Pause

    I - Inventory

    A - Action/Talk

    Tab - Rune selector (Will most likely change in the future)

    Enter - Advance dialogue boxes (only some, needs work)

    Left and Right Arrow Keys - Movement

    Down Arrow - Duck (Pressing Z will allow you to attack while ducking)

    Up Arrow - Look up (You can jump higher while looking up to get to hard to reach places)



  • It looks good actually ! But what is the purple ball for ? Is it a counter for number of enemy killed?

  • It looks good actually ! But what is the purple ball for ? Is it a counter for number of enemy killed?


    Thank you for your feedback.

    The purple balls are orbs that you collect through the levels... There are passive orbs that you collect while roaming, and after an enemy dies, he also drops an orb. You will use them to acquire upgrades from allies throughout the game. hopefully, if my limited coding experience allows, the player will end up changing graphically according to each upgrade.

  • Nice concept, it's classic but really cool. Changing apparence through the game is always a good option ^^

  • This is pretty good, as far as I can see (though I did manage to fall down the pit and continue to be able to move around the level).

    My only criticism is that the placement of the jump button on the space bar is pretty awkward... I'd have it as C or something (or perhaps Jump = X, sword = Z, and magic = S or something like that). It was a little bit off and I kept on not-hitting the jump button when I wanted to.

    Graphics look nice, especially the backgrounds.

    Keep up the good work!

  • thank you for your reply's .

    Emperor Ing, I will mix and match the controls and see if I can get a better or smoother control system. Although, with no offense, your post alone does not convince me entirely of the awkward control system. Others might see it as more effective.

    Nonetheless, your words are indeed helpful in creating a better experience for this game, and I dearly appreciate your feedback.

    As for changing character appearance, I have succeeded. The character will change in appearance according to certain power-up's and upgrades acquired throughout the game.

  • Looks good! I can tell you've put quite a lot of work into this.

    Just one thing. I tried my best, but i really couldn't figure out what the green enemy thing was supposed to be...

  • Hi there Attan.

    The green enemy thing:

    not unlike most platform games, this enemy is fictional and perhaps nonsensical. just an obscure obstacle that stands in the way of your ultimate goal. I call them feeblebugs. It's story being a humanoid type bug cloaked in leaves. feeble because they are easily defeated, although, with a poisonous exterior, they can harm you on contact.

    They will only be found in the forest. they will not feature throughout the entire game, so if they scare you, try bear it out man! hehe.

    Thank you for your post, and for taking my efforts into account. It is greatly appreciated. I have indeed worked hard, but for an amazing experience, it's all worth it.

  • Hello.

    Just uploaded a video of this game to youtube.

    I have given this game a face lift, I have included more detail and graphics to look less bland, cloudy backgrounds, trees that look more like trees, and rocks beneath the ground, in fact, I have completely redone the ground graphics. You can also take a look at the temple and it's obstacles that I have included. Being a perfectionist (or a wannabe perfectionist) I keep envisioning better ideas for my previous ones. so at the rate I am going, I don't have much more to offer right now. I am, however, working on completing a new demo, consisting of 4 levels. If you are interested in that, please be patient.

    So what are you waiting for. Take a look at the video and let me know what you think.

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  • Looks really nice. Like the graphics and the animations during the gameplay. Reminds me of the old Jill of the Jungle game I used to play!

  • Tried the demo, have some thoughts.

    First, I agree with Ing. Using space in anything short of a WASD controlled game is, as said, awkward. When using a keyboard for platformers I'd, personally, prefer something more like: Z = jump, X = attack, C = secondary attack. You could also make the players able to change the buttons themselves. Would be simple enough with the Input System plugin.

    I'd suggest working on your animations. Mainly your walk cycles (most of the rest seem to be single frame animations), here's a tutorial.

    The boss at the end was sort of frustrating. Mostly because it was arbitrarilly difficult. It took me around 45 hits to defeat it (i say 'around' because I might've missed a couple that actually hit but didn't show) which is a lot for an in truth really simple (and early?) boss. In general bosses tend to have some sort of tell whenever they're going to attack. Your boss attack is instant, and could do with a tell of some kind.

    Also, the invisible walls when fighting the boss was annoying. If you're going to restrict the players movement you should at least show it somehow. The boss also missed me several times but I still took damage.

  • I'd suggest working on your animations. Mainly your walk cycles (most of the rest seem to be single frame animations), here's a tutorial.

    For more information, you can look for the "Animator's Survival Kit", by Richard Williams. It's a must for any animator.

  • Thank you very much inkBot, your post is indeed helpful.

    you do make some interesting points, some of which I will put in to effort. especially with the input system plug-in which I wasn't even aware of. Through the months since the last demo was released, I have used "ing's" advice and changed the keys to Z,X,C. I'll possibly make only those three interchangeable keys using the method you advised. Although that very much depends on the advice I will receive.

    As for the walk cycle, I have seen that idleworm tutorial before, back in my "animation inspired" days. I tried to keep my walk cycle simple by using 4 frames instead of 8 or 9, because there are graphics that will add on to the hero during the game (armors and accessories), and with 20+ drawings for my player, there is a lot of work. however, I have made the walk cycle smoother since the demo, mainly the twitchy sword carrying arm, and hair movement. I today added the "recoil" and "high point" described in that tutorial, and it looks a lot more realistic. I appreciate you finding me that link.

    I'm glad you used arbitrarily instead of frustrating, there is a simple trick you can use to defeat the boss with ease, and without being touched. your runestones (magic) can also play a big part in defeating him, although, I know he didn't react to the fireballs in the demo, it's one of the problems I have fixed. The consistent enemies in the game (such as the orcs) work on a health system, they have HP just as the hero does, as do the bosses. magic is the most devastating of your attacks.

    The fact that you knew he was at the end of the demo tells me you have defeated him before, which means it isn't impossible. I actually preferred that he be that difficult. If you do not use the skills that I have given the hero in the game, it is even more difficult. remember, athleticism is also a skill that your hero has, that the boss doesn't. ...Although this was my plan, It should be more convenient for others that are playing and not for me, so I will consider what you have said on the matter. perhaps I will use a difficulty setting.

    Finally, I do like the idea of the boss telling the player when he is going to attack, I will definitely make use of this advice.

    Please keep an eye out for my next demo. There are many changes, graphically, and otherwise.


  • For more information, you can look for the "Animator's Survival Kit", by Richard Williams. It's a must for any animator.

    That is great man, thank you for bringing it to my attention. I'll keep an eye out and see if I can find it in my country. I doubt, though there's always online shops I can browse.


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