Barricade - a zombie survival project

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  • I'm making a zombie survival game with construct

    I've been planning all over the weekend, writing game mechanics and drawing diagrams, and I've finally started work on it. It will feature:

    • a huge open world
    • 30 items, 15 of which are weapons
    • health, energy and hunger systems
    • day and night system (zombies only come out at night, at day you must find supplies and shelter)
    • top down shooter view, with shadows
    • different types of light sources (flashlights and lanterns)
    • barricade system
    • 20 slot inventory, and the ability to drop items
    • custom music

    So far I've only done animation stuff, mainly because nearly all the animations have to be finished before I can move on to the game mechanics. Right now I'm having a problem with the item I've made. It's supposed to be randomised at the beginning of the layout, but it's not changing animation. If anyone can help with that, I would appreciate it.

    Here's the cap:

    Like I said, not much there yet, but there will be soon!

  • Finally somebody coming up with a zombie game. It's long overdue if you ask me.

    Your plans sound very ambitious, good luck with it!

    Too bad I couldn't download the cap. Mediafire gives invalid file error.

  • Everybody loves poor zombie )

    sounds really good.

    fix the link to file and maybe put an image from game

  • Awesome

    I like the idea of it being world based, and not cramped up on a single screen. Perhaps you could have "unlockable" sections of the map which have better, more defendable structures and stronger weapons. Even having AI based NPCs that could team up and help you fight would be awesome as well.


  • Argh, I don't know what's up with mediafire. I'll post another link soon (I've updated the .cap since then and it's not quite working for testing)

    Thanks for all the positive replies

    shinkan it's not quite screenshot worthy just yet

    Soldjah there will be sort of hidden places with better weapons and stuff, like military bases and police stations. Also, I love that idea about NPCs that could help you, I might just add that

    Just to clarify, the game will be mostly randomised on startup. Things like weapons and items will be randomised, however you can find different items in different places (you'll find different items in a police station than you would in a house) The only thing that isn't randomised is the level, and I'm wondering whether the player should be randomly placed or not.

  • you updated the cap? You should save each save as a different version never update the same cap really. (but maybe thats what your doing already).

    Can't wait to see some screenshots.

  • I'll keep that in mind alee.

    But now... the .cap!

    Here's a sendspace link:

    (If anyone can link me to another good file hosting site, I'd be a happy camper.)

    What I've done so far:

    I've made the house items object, basically all the items you see you will be able to find in houses.

    None of the guns do anything right now (I've yet to create the inventory, but I've got a good idea of how to do it) however you can press 1, 2, 3 or 4 to see the animations for the guns.

    You have a 20 slot limit, but ammo and batteries stack on each other and only take up one slot. When I add the inventory you'll be able to drop things.

    Press E to pick up items.

    remember, every item is randomised, so run it a few times to see!

    I have one problem so far, and that's picking up two items at once. I need to find a way to make it so that you can only pick up one item at a time. If anyone can help with this, that would be great.

    I've solved my earlier problem, btw.

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  • That's a nice start!

    I changed a few things in your cap. You can only pick up one item at once now.

    I added another global called Marked and a private variable of the same name for the playerbox. The variable stores the UID of the first object it's overlapping and won't allow another object to be selected until that object isn't overlapping anymore.

    Oh well I'm not really good in explaining what I did here and probably there's a better way to do it. Maybe you can figure it out by looking at the events.

    I also changed the sampling to point, cause I figured it would suit the pixel style graphics better than linear. And I added a counter that shows the inventory status. Just to get a little more overview.

    Just throw out what you don't like...

    Any questions feel free to ask.

    Oh yes, here's the cap.

  • Seems to work pretty good so far mate

    I couldn't really find any bugs or anything, so that's good... and I like how the player has that shoulder sway thing when you walk around. As far as being able to only pick up one item at a time... I have no idea I can usually at least suggest some pseudo code, but I got nothin'.

    Sorry man, my brain isn't working right today.

    Keep up the good job so far though, this game should be a lot of fun to play.


  • PixelRebirth, you're a saint.

    I think I understand what you've done too, so I can duplicate this for the other 6 item banks I need to make. I had to fix something though (the batteries and ammo weren't stacking) but that was easy.

    Again, thanks. You've made my job so much easier. I'll remember to credit you when this is done

  • No problem. Zombie games need to be supported you know.

    Don't hesitate to ask if there's anything else you need help with.

    Looking forward to dismember some dead meat.

  • I am actually having a problem. I have set the items to be randomly active on startup (so an item won't always be there every time you play) but instead of destroying the item like it's supposed to, it just becomes a pistol.

    Here's the cap:

    The code is at the bottom of the event sheet. I have also commented on it, for your convenience.

    btw, you need not change the cap and reupload it this time, just tell me what I'm doing wrong or post some code

  • Just change the last event. Replace the ELSE condition with

    Houseitem Value 'active' Not equal to 1

    and it will work.

  • Thanks, that did the trick

  • curious ... why is your "start of layout" event the last to be executed? wouldn't it make more sense to have it at the top since it's something you want to happen at oh, say ... the "start" of the layout?

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