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  • > Forget about video unless someone writes a proper plugin. Importing the video frames as textures is just ridiculous, don't do it. Try to make your Cutscene with events, it's the most efficient way.


    "Ridiculous" is a totally inaccurate assessment without respect to context. The suggestion was made before I knew his video was a whopping 5 minutes long. Had I known that, I obviously wouldn't have suggested it. Context is key. After finding out that his video was 5 minutes long, I suggested re-creating his video with events...

    If you're dealing with something that's only seconds long, it works perfectly and is not much different in operation from the standard way larger sprites with a good number of frames are dealt with in Construct. I know, because I've done both, never had a problem, and it always ran smoothly.

    i agree. for small, perhaps comix-like cutscenes Construct mechanics are more then enough

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