using the current FPS in an equation.

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  • I need to look into this but I can't find any info on it. Don't tell me they forgot to add that in.

  • that'd be great except time delta is broken and isn't returning the proper values at all framerates for whatever reason. Why should I even have to screw around with that in the first place when I could type a lot less by getting the actual framerate like what should have existed in construct from the very beginning?

  • Heh... timedelta is the time between two frames. It can't get more accurate than that.

    Well, you can count frames for a second, then show it. Of course it will fluctuate every second, but that is FPS. For the duration of one second, count frames, then show the number and reset the count. Can't get any simpler than that.

  • You're avoiding the fact that nobody should have to dick around with anything to get something that should be readily available.

    You still haven't addressed the issue I'm having, which is that time delta is being retarded and returns weird shit. Like how the nunber that time delta returns at 60 and 120 fps is pretty much the same.

  • timedelta*100... boom. It doesn't get much simpler.

  • read my edit.

  • Are you running v-synced or fixed?

    If its fixed then you might have a problem.

  • +Always
    Add 1 to global('FPS')
    +Every 1000 ms
    Set Text to global('FPS')
    Set global('FPS') to 0[/code:1svng3t7]
    Yeah, it is too complicated, we REALLY need a FPS counter object
  • And I should have to do THAT when it could be one click, for a feature that should have existed from the very start?

  • Hm, perhaps a system expression would be nice, but since it is easily recreated with events, I guess the devs haven't gotten around to it yet.

    Then there are plugins - Construct is awesome for the fact that one can make plugins to make game development more convenient. Good luck finding someone to make a FPS plugin, though.

  • If you think that TimeDelta is inaccurate, you should post a CAP file demonstrating this.

    The difference in accuracy between multiplying by TimeDelta and multiplying by (1 / FPS) is incredibly small.

  • linkman: timedelta varies highly, I just did a test - just an every 1000ms event showing round(1/timedelta), it shows between 13 and 80 frames, depending on overhead. That's 60 vsynced. The frame count is more accurate, since we're averaging FPS over a second.

    Edit: Oh snap, 666 posts!

  • I didn't say it was inaccurate. I said it was weird. or some synonym of that. or broken. It should be predictable enough to return something that corresponds with the FPS the game returns when I'm messing with it. not necessarily close but... it just doesn't seem like it can be used for this purpose.

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  • It may look like it's returning values all over the place, but when used to move stuff it works just as well as using the FPS average.

    Example CAP

    NOTE: If your refresh rate isn't 60, just change the value in the second action to whatever your refresh rate is. I didn't feel like making an FPS counter thingy.

    EDIT: Of course, if you plan on doing something other than consistent movement with this, feel free to ignore me.

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