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  • I'm going to keep track of all my bugs in this single forum thread. For each bug that I find I will first add an entry to the official bug tracker on SourceForge and then add a post to this thread.

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  • Here is a list of bugs I reported in separate threads before I began this list:

    1987077: On Animation Finished event not working

    1987075: Every X milliseconds always triggered at start of layout

    1987074: Layout end and Application end events not triggered

    1984964: Recent Documents list is showing duplicates

  • 1987087 Transitions crash application when restarting current layout

    Transitions work fine when going from one layout to another different layout. But when going from the current layout to the same current layout in order to restart it they crash the application. I've attached an example that has a successful transition followed by a crashing transition (see bug tracker).

  • 1987099 Deleting Event Sheet crashing contruct

    The following crashes Construct on my system:

    1. Create a new project

    2. Add a new event sheet

    3. Open the new empty event sheet (if you don't open it before deleting it Construct will not crash)

    4. Click on Add/Edit Event Sheets in the Applications properties inspector

    5. Select the newly added event sheet click the red X button to remove it

    6. Click on the Done button and on my system you immediately get a crash

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