Firebase Realtime-Database PRO- Chat Room

Build Social Apps, Chats and Advanced Lists using Firebase Realtime-Database

Build Social Apps, Chats and Advanced Lists using Firebase Realtime-Database

Firebase Realtime-Database PRO- Chat Room

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    Royalty Free use in unlimited commercial greater creative works.

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  • 5.1.0

    Released: 8 May, 2022

  • 5.0.0

    Released: 21 Apr, 2022

    FirebaseV9 BETA Plugin now available. Visit to know about all the changes

  • 4.2.1

    Released: 2 Apr, 2022

    Now logs console data for reads and writes.

  • 4.2.0

    Released: 16 Dec, 2021

    Added new example "Sorting List (Querying).c3p"

  • 4.1.2

    Released: 20 Sep, 2021

    Fixed a bug that read lists in reversed order even when not specified to do so. Also, Updated the example C3P. NOTE: You might need to enable/disable the "Get Reversed Data" option, if your resulting list is in a wrong order.

  • 4.1.1

    Released: 9 Sep, 2021

    Fixed a bug in "Append-data" action, which converted a non-number value to a number if the string started with a number.

  • 4.1.0

    Released: 31 Aug, 2021

    ◽ Read List action now requires you to explicitly enable "Get JSON" to get the data in JSON string formats. (This reduces memory usage when you do not need JSON data) ◽ New Properties: Location Settings- you can now change the default locations of User-ID, User-Key and Presence data. ◽ Fixed bug- JSON for PRO-UI Gridview was not sorting in order.

  • 3.0.0

    Released: 16 Jul, 2021

    PLUGIN- Fixed single quote and tab characters can now be used in Append List actions. ◽ CHAT EXAMPLE- Lots of changes. See release notes

  • 2.0.1

    Released: 23 May, 2021

  • 2.0.0

    Released: 13 May, 2021

    Major Additions. See Changelogs in File.

  • 1.0.0

    Released: 2 May, 2021

    Fixed Advanced Minify Errors

  • 0.1.0

    Released: 7 Apr, 2021

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Firebase BASIC Plugin Pack must be purchased before any of the PRO plugins can be used in a C3 Project. (Available in Asset Store)

1. Firebase Realtime Database PRO

  • Assign mini User Keys that can be copied and used to Tag users, send friend requests, etc.
  • Write & Read Presence- Get Online/Offline Status and last online timestamp of any user.
  • Advanced List management- querying and sorting
  • Write Server Timestamp
  • Remove Sync Listeners to save data usage

With this you can Build:

  • Chat Rooms
  • Post & Reply System
  • Advanced Sorting Lists
  • Friend Management & Tag users
  • Show User Online/Offline Status

2. Templates

  • Global Chat Template .C3P
  • Sorting List (Querying) .C3P
gibbon's avatar
gibbon on previous version 4.1.2
7 months ago

Really good plugin, seems very solid.

I am an avid PHP & MySQL developer but wanted to dip into Firebase for app dev. This plugin set seems to work really well and the dev support is really good. Look forward to more from the author (fire...

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    Construct 3
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    8 May, 2022
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