Small animation problem

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  • I'm having a problem with an animation in my game. Whenever I press to crouch, it doesn't play the full animation. Here's the cap:

    Walk is left/right arrow, crouch is down arrow.

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  • Tried like hell to make this work with what you had.

    My suggestion would be to work your variables in some other way, they seem to be doing a number on the control scheme the way you had them.

  • Here you go: ... leid=57458

    I changed the animation names just because I didn't want to have to type all that out every time I changed something, but you can change them back so they still use the "& global()" stuff, it works just fine.

    It's a little more complex than Euphro's example (uses a private variable), but it's also a little smoother, I think, as you can interrupt walking with ducking, and the ducking animation plays all the way through even if you let go the key. Sorry, Euphro, I didn't look at yours until I finished mine . It's a pretty similar method, though (Set animation frame, Play current, etc.).

  • Thanks Deadeye, with a little tweaking of your cap I've got it working just the way I need it. Thank you too Euphronios, I'm sure yours was just as helpful.

  • What should the conditions and events look like to play a crouch animation to the end and hold as long as "Move Down" is down? I am lost.

    You know what, I figured it out, I had an else switching it back to "Standing" before it got to checking about the "Crouching" so it would only get to one frame of crouching and then switch back to standing and then restart crouching all over again. I have half a mind to delete this post, but maybe another "me" looking for the solution to the same problem will find this helpful.

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