Programming your own visual effects and shaders?

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  • Is it possible to create your own visual effects and put it in construct classic? also can you re-program the shaders that are already in construct classic? I was wondering because sometimes I want to use a lot of shaders(10-12) but it lags the computer drastically. Would it be possible to re-program them so the game can handle (10-20) shaders at a time? or to create your own shader to get the effect you want?

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  • If you look around the install directory of construct classic is a folder called effects. In it is a bunch of fx files that can be opened in a text editor. They are basically direct X hlsl shader programs, so you could google more info about how to write one.

    I forget if there are any posts on how to make your own but you can search the construct classic sub forums. There are a good amount of fx files on the forum too.

    Probably a good start is trying your hand at modifying existing ones.

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