Problem selecting and moving sprites

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  • Hi, whenever I try to select a sprite in the layout editor using the left mouse button, it does not select the sprite. And whenever I click and drag, it does not create a selection box, instead it moves the entire screen. Is this a bug, or have I turned on some option somewhere to do this?

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  • First of all, it would be easier to determine the problem if you posted a .cap.

    Okay, so I'll try and run through how to make a simple selection and de-selection .cap.

    First create sprites sprite1 and sprite2, box dragbox, and mousekeyboard

    Next, give dragbox the selection box behavior, and sprite1 and sprite2 the RTS behavior

    Thirdly, create the private variable for both sprite1 and sprite2 called selected with the text value "no"

    Then add the following to the event sheet:

    on left clicked on sprite1 -> sprite1: set 'selected'(the private

    variable) to "yes"

    on left clicked on sprite2 -> sprite2: set 'selected'(the private

    variable) to "yes"

    pick all sprite1 in selectionbox | sprite1: set selected to "yes"

    (from dragbox behavior) _____ ->

    pick all sprite2 in selectionbox | sprite2: set selected to "yes"

    (from dragbox behavior)

    on right mouse button clicked -> sprite1: set selected to "no"

    sprite2: set selected to "no"

    on left clicked

    Sprite1: Value 'selected' is -> Sprite1: move to mouse (RTS

    equal to "yes" behavior)

    on left clicked

    Sprite2: Value 'selected' is -> Sprite2: move to mouse (RTS

    equal to "yes" behavior)

    Sorry for the rough formating. Hope it helps.

  • RomanCenturion, i could be wrong but i think Chezzy was talking about issues in the actual layout editor in construct.

    Chezzy, are you sure you haven't somehow locked all of your sprites? Try right clicking in an empty space on the layout and going to Hide/Lock -> Unlock All. This doesn't explain why you can't get a selection box to show up though and i have no idea what could cause that .

  • Well, I just got back home and it's not happening anymore. Looks like it could have been a bug, but I have no idea how to replicate it.

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