Problem with Death Counter

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  • Hey all,

    I have a death counting system, which is meant to trigger the next wave after so many enemy deaths. However, if multiple enemies die at the same time, the trigger only goes up once, instead of once for each enemy that dies. Is there a way to make it go up for each enemy death?


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  • Yes, you'll need to add or substract from a value every time an enemy dies, but for that I'd need to see the .cap or part of the code, where an enemy dies. How you've done it? On collision with something?

    Enemy collides with a bullet - destroy enemy, add one to a global "enemiesdead"

    enemiesdead = 100 - start new wave, enemiesdead set to 0

    I'd do something like that, but without seeing your code, it's just guessing.

  • Sometimes if a condition is satisfied by multiple objects at once, it will only be triggered once, depending on the type of condition or which object plays which role, ie

    On Enemy collides with Bullet


    On Bullet Collides with Enemy

    I think one of those two will work the way you want it to. Don't know for sure without testing tho.

    A surefiire way though, is as a subevent for the condition that kills the enemy do a For Each Object

    On Enemy collides with Bullet

    ----System - For each object : Enemy

    -----------------destroy, and increment death count

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