What About Power-ups?

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  • Um Hello All!

    Iam new here.My name is Chris and iam from greece!Just happen to find this engine while searching wikipedia for game engines and i thought i should give it a try!

    well not to bother you much with silly introductions!

    i have a question while trying to make something on my own.With respect on how much i have seen and read i hope this question is not asked twice or more!

    iam making a space classic shooter and stuck in the point where i need to make power ups for my hero spaceship.Iam trying to chance the frame or graphic of my bullet sprite to another one and cant seem to make it.So after lots of thinking iam hoping someone can give some tips on how to make one!in the future i would like to make a game similiar to Tyrian where power-ups are actually purchased before the mission.

    Please do have a look in my project if you have the time and feel like it :

    Test space project thing

    Oh not to forget also for those that want to see before get heres a screenie! :

    <img src="http://img530.imageshack.us/img530/2034/spacething.jpg">

    Have and nice day!

    p.s: sorry about the crappy upload ,hoping to get my own server soon please be patience yes?

  • Here's one way to do it: http://www.mediafire.com/?wvy2d2mymdd

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  • Good morning!

    Hmm i was thinking something like that! although i didnt know how to do it here (i was thinking of a classic if-then-endif case).

    So for now i will play a little bit with what you have done porlo! thank you for looking at this matter!

    jaa ne!

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