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  • hello,

    I decieded to make a new topic for this. I am planning to make a point and click adventure (with some specific mechanisms)and I want to use construct for it.

    I learned some tutorials and I hope I understand some basics now...

    What I need to achieve is specific character moving. When I click at some specific places I want character to walk (move) through specific path and go to point where I click. I though the best way to achieve this will be using RTS behavior. But I dont know how exactly to use it and I didnt find it on documentation. Any ideas? Or is it better way to achieve this then through RTS behavior?


    edit: template in progress:

  • RTS is best suited for path finding around obstacles, so depending on how you set it up, yes it could work. I would suggest you turn off angle changing in rts preferences, and use a comparison like if rts destination x is greater than current x, set angle to 0, and if destination x is less than current x set angle to 180.

    Keep in mind rts moves along both x, and y axes, so you will have to place and add obstacles to the rts behavior, and your map accommodatingly.

  • thanks,

    I have finally figured it out how to use RTS behavior. It works how I want now :)

    Another thing is inventory. I tried to make inventory and I made it succesfully (grid and I can add items to it). What I dont know is how to transfer inventory to another layout. The same is with menu. I want to make a menu - new game, save, load, etc... and I want to call it in every layout (be pressing esc for example) for saving game or for example changing sound volume and then I want to transfer it to another layout...

  • What kind of system are you using for inventory? You can use global variables to store inventory items values and then they can be accesed throught every layout you made. If Array object just make it "global" in properties.

  • I am using this type of inventory: scirra.com/forum/very-simple-example-of-inventory_topic43076.html

    how can I use these arrays? I tried to learn it on documentation. but still dont know how to use it

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  • thanks <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    I also tried to change opacity of object by mouse over object. It works ok, I also make an inverted event to change opacity back if mouse is not over object. But opacity changes immediately. Can I make it smoother? I mean if opacity of object can be changes from 10% to 90% , but it will take 1-2 seconds...

    I had an idea to make an animation, but make it with some events would be much cleaner :)

  • Yes, you could use Timedelta.

    + MouseKeyboard: [negated] Mouse is over "object"
    -> Activator: Set opacity to "object".Opacity+"insert number" * TimeDelta

    where "object" is your sprite/text/whatever

    "insert number" - you have to play with that

    ...this code look so bad in this forum :/

  • Hi Shinkan, wrapping it in

     tags seems to help, but I agree, it doesn't look great, but don't worry I got a couple of good ideas, and a nice surprise for the forum coming soon specifically in regards to event code :D
  • ohh, and i just post a topic about "how i hate new post replay options" in the "Website issues" :)

  • shinkan: it works, but for me only from 0% opacity to 100% and by changing timedelta changes only speed. is it possible to change have it 10% and by mouse over change to 90% in about 1-2 seconds?

  • use "clamp"

    + MouseKeyboard: Mouse is over Sprite
    -> Sprite: Set opacity to clamp(Sprite.Opacity-100*TimeDelta, 10, 90)
    + MouseKeyboard: [negated] Mouse is over Sprite
    -> Sprite: Set opacity to clamp(Sprite.Opacity+100*TimeDelta, 10, 90)

    Clamp basically limits values

    clamp(<font color=red>target</font>, <font color=green>min</font>, <font color=blue>max</font>)

  • wow, works perfect :) thanks

  • your welcome, glad I could help


    (hmm insert hyperlink don't work with that..)

    and read some articles, could help you a lot with understanding basic functions of Construct <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • thanks

    I am still not convinced if I will use construct for my game. But I am trying to make something like "template" for point and click adventures. So I uploaded it at the beggining of this topic...

    I am trying to learn arrays, ini and hashtables now...

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