plugins using C++ programming?

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  • I'm a little confused how to make a plugin in construct classic?

    I heard I'm supposed to download the sdk folder and common folders from this website:

    do I download every single file from the sdk folder and common folder individually? or is there is a faster way to do it?

    also after I download it do I follow the structure of the plugins at this website(how its coded what type of files are in the folder)

    I also heard if I wanted to make a plugin using audio or graphics I need to download the directX sdk? what version do I download?and what year (2015,2014..etc??)

  • I haven't done it in a while but as I recall sourceforge had a way to download a compressed .tar.gz of any folder. If not then I think you could use a Svn client program to get all the files.

    After that you copy one of the templates folders in the sdk directory. Then open the sln file in the folder with visual studio. 2005, 2008 and I think 2010 will work. The express versions will be a problem because they don't have the needed atl libraries. You can get them in other ways, but you'll have to dig up the older posts about it.

    I don't recall the direct X sdk version needed but you can find that in an older post here as well.

    There used to be a wiki with info on how to make a plugin but sourceforge ate it. All that's left now are some older posts in the construct engineering forum I think.

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  • it looks like the template Template Win32 VC8-9 Static and Template MFC VC6-8 Static are already in the sdk directory. Did you mean the template in the ide folder?

  • Those are the ones. The sln in the ide folder is for the construct editor itself.

  • sorry i'm a little lost..i noticed that my plugins in my construct classic plugins folder are all csx files. When I make the plugin do i make it as a csx file? or do I make it in the same format as the plugins folder at

    for example in the "plugins folder" of if you look inside the "3d box" folder the ACE Table.cpp is on top and Actions.cpp is second Conditions.cpp is third etc...

    do I make a plugin in this format or do I make a csx file because all my construct classic plugins are csx files?

  • If you have visual studio installed, you can open the *.sln files. They are solution files. Once in visual studio you can compile it and it will generate the csx file if everything is setup right. There should be a dropdown that you can select the runtime, release, and debug versions of the two. The release is the editor portion of the plugin and runtime is the runtime portion.

  • aaaah so close! it was a successful build but after the build was created I still couldn't find the csx file. I think I picked debug in the drop down menu but nothing happened what do I do? how do you set it up so it generates a csx file? i used visual studio 2010 by the way.

  • Look in the solution properties to see where the csx file is placed. If compiling was successful it put it somewhere.

    Off the top of my head, I seem to recall it placing the compiled file here:


    You'll probably want to change the file name use, but I forget where exactly. There used to be a guide for this but sourceforge ate it so it's gone.

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