please help create a new "flag wave" type efect

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  • I know others have offered "they're solutions" to making grass blow in the breaze, but I really wont be satisfied with the platlife in my game project until it moves very much like those in Odin Sphere.

    Is anyone willing to make this shader effect (with adjustible paramiters so one could "icreases the wind force)? for my game project?

    you can doweload and see my game as it currently looks here:

    thanks much

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  • I can't really tell because the player is moving around a lot but it looks to me like those plants are 3D plane objects with a mesh distort animation on them.

    You can get a similar effect by adjusting the height and angle of individual plant leaves with a sin/cos oscillation. Just be smart about where you put your hotspots. They should go at the base of the leaf where it connects to the plant, or the base of the plant where it connects to the ground. When playing your demo it looked to me like the hotspots on your plants were closer to the center, which made the bases wobble back and forth.

    I would only use that level of separate-leaf detail on very foreground plants, though. Having full plants and flowers in the mid and background should suffice, and only put composite leaf-by-leaf plants in the foreground.

    Also, you can change the period and range of the Sine behavior so if you want the plants to do something like bend to one side in the wind you could bump up their angle period so they "flutter," as well as skewing them in the wind direction.

    Ultimately though you might find you have more control over how they move by doing this with solely with events, rather than having Sine behavior on them. And you don't really need a shader.

  • You could also add a duplicate sine behavior to the objects. Although it might seem a bit redundant, you can have multiple sine behaviors running at the same time. This way you can have the objects doing something like angle, while also doing vertical.

    You can also change some of the randomization settings for that "flag" effect.

  • I just said that

    [quote:3maav4x8]You can get a similar effect by adjusting the height and angle of individual plant leaves with a sin/cos oscillation.

    Uh... sort of.

  • Yeah, I was a, just reinforcing what you said.

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