Platform Behavior doesn't play well with slopes?

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  • I set up some slopes (squares cut diagonally so it's an isometric triangle with a 1px incline) and for whatever reason, running down a slope seems strange. For example, if you running down a slope and jump, it the jump is stunted just like when using moving platforms that move in the same direction as the slope is going. Also, the sprite (using bounding box collision) doesn't seem to run smoothly down them. It is like he's walking forward a few pixels, then falling down back onto the slope. This makes using Jump while on slopes kind of iffy because it might think he's in the air.

    Does anyone else have these kinds of issues?

    I might as well bring another thing up too. When running quickly along a solid platform (or something that ends at one point) and trying to jump off, it isn't very forgiving. Sometimes it feels like the button just isn't registering quick enough so I have to press Jump in advance or just stand still and do it, otherwise I'm already off the platform. The player is not moving THAT fast, so I don't know why it acts like this. Jumps need to be super precise...or else, lol.

  • I submitted a bug report for the jump height while running on slopes. I haven't experienced the other problems you're having though.

  • If you walk into a slope that hits against a wall, then turn around and jump, it won't jump. When you click the arrow key, he moves forward a little bit into the air and falls. It's really...strange.

    Note: This is using Auto Mirror. Without Auto Mirror, it doesn't happen. Perhaps a collision mask problem?

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  • What I do with Slopes is making them Sprites too. That solve my problems, I don't know if your's will.

  • What I do with Slopes is making them Sprites too. That solve my problems, I don't know if your's will.

    Um, what else would they be? We're already talking about sprites

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