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  • I might be releasing my first games soon but I noticed that it did lag a little bit...My processor is a dual core e8400gpq@3.0 ghz and my game averages around 50-52 fps(this doesn't sound bad but is VERY NOTICEABLE for my game..but at least feel playable).

    I know this is a computer question but I'm thinking some people in this forum must have released a video game or 2 online. Does anyone know if this reasonable to release the game like this?I don't know how fast my processor is compared to other computers...Should I keep optimizing it until a slower processor can run it?

    All other specs seem to do fine by the way.

  • To see how fast your computer is compared to others you could use a benchmark like this one:

    As an example my computer is in the 25th percentile, which means 75% of computers are faster than it.

    You could show a recommended system requirements for your game like you see many titles do. I'd imagine they may test the game on a few computers first to get a better feel for it. Or you could just release the game and if you get a lot of complaints about performance you could attempt to optimize more.

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  • it says I'm at the 6th percentile so does that mean 94% computers are faster than it?

    does the cpu mark matter the most when it comes it speed? it says I'm at the 16th percentile(so 84% of computers are faster than it?)

    I'm also confused about like bioshock infinite and ori and blind forest require intel core 2.4 ghz. I have an intel core 3.0 ghz and my game still lags...does that mean there are other factors to speed because I don't think my game is more powerful than bioshock infinite....

  • Yeah, that's all correct.

    Cpu speed and graphics card speed a probably the first two factors. Then again you can look at two different CPUs with the same speed and one will perform better. Same with graphics cards.

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