need help killing an AI platformer enemy's x velocity

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  • Sounds simple doesnt it? I have enemies in my platformer that are using the platform behavior to control their movement. They can get thrown by the player And this works fine. The problem is I need the enemies to bounce when they hit a wall and currently no matter how I try and detect their collision with a wall sprite nothing happens.

    I've tried "is wall to left" (or right) and I've tried "on collision with wall sprite" both seem to not be detected. Any ideas?


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  • Have you tried "is overlapping at offset -1,0" (or 1,0 for a wall to the right)?

    (..Wall to left or right. I wonder why I didn't think to try those for my game's wall-climbing..)

  • after some tinkering "is wall to left" and "is wall to right" worked great. I forgot what i was doing wrong innitially, but I'm sure it was stupid.

    The benifit to the "is overlapping at offset is that it tests for the full height of the sprite instead of a single pixel coordinate. Its great.

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