Framerate Weirdity

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  • I got an odd thing going on.

    I run my project at the unlimited framerate just to keep an eye on the quality of my code, and it's been steadily in the 250 range. But, lately it's been jumping from 300 to 90 to 250 to 111, and so on.

    I've undone my last changes, and no effect, I've even gotten rid of most of my code just to see how it'd run, and it's those same jumping but higher numbers.

    I doesn't do this on other projects, the framerate only varies within 10 fps at most.

    Heck, I've even reformatted my comp (for other reasons) tonight but no luck.

    Any ideas?

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  • It's hard to say unless you find something you can turn on/off which affects it. It could be a single action in your events which takes half a second to complete, and therefore briefly halves the framerate because of the way it averages out the framerate over one second. Or, it could be something Windows does in the background and briefly prioritises another process. The best thing to do is either re-make it from scratch - or delete things back to an empty .cap - and watch when the problem changes.

  • I've tried that but not all the way back to an empty cap file.

    But, you know, sleeping on it last night, I remembered it started when I added an object and put some shaders on it. The shaders slowed it down so I got rid of it. Could this object still be sort of stuck in a limbo?

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