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  • the warning box says "Out of Memory" Does that mean I can't expand my game and I have to delete some stuff? The game isn't even half done! I"m so scared!!!

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  • In c2 when you open your game, in the bottom tab, how much memory does it say is currently in use?

  • its construct classic

  • It's probably out of video ram. The first thing you can do is look in the task manager for any previews that didn't close correctly and end them. They usually are called temp.exe, temp2.exe, ...

    The next thing to consider doing is use smaller texture sizes. You can also keep the number of open layouts in the editor to a minimum. Keep in mind that both the editor and preview use vram so when making the game you'll be using roughly a little under 2x the amount of vram your game will use when exported.

  • all previews are closed and I only have 4 open layouts... What does textures mean? I'm new to this....How do I make them smaller?

    also when I restart construct classic it seems to work fine but eventually the error pops up again...Does this still have to do with vram?

  • Textures are the images you are using , for backgrounds , characters ,etc . How much vram do you have , you can look in display settings if your not sure . If on system board graphics how much memory is being allocated for the display ?

  • Scirra has a blog post about this. Look for "Not wasting your memory".

    I'd post the link but I'm not at 300 rep yet

  • i can't seem to find vram

    it says

    total available graphics memory 4095 mb

    dedicated video memory 1792 mb

    system video memory 0mb

    share system memory 2303 mb

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