Can display resolution screw you up?

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  • Hello! Thanks for reading this,

    I've been reading what I could find about display resolution and I think it's possible that I may be on the verge of making a big mistake so I wanted to have your opinion.

    Say I develop a game then decide to change for a higher resolution, does that mean I have to increase all my metrics, parameter, basically all the maths?


    800x600 to 1600x1200

    means I must tweak jump strenght 400 to 800

    sounds to me like yes I have to, but it's scary enough to just make sure with the pros if there is any hope of saving my maths. ^^

    Thanks a lot!

  • It depends on how the world changes relative to the new resolution.

    1) Sizes of objects keep the same, you just see more of the scene: No changes needed.

    2) After resolution change the scene is zoomed in to show the same as in the lower resolution: No changes needed.

    3) With the new resolution, all graphics are revamped. The objects are larger now to show the same as in the lower resolution but with more detail: Changes are needed.

  • Ouch... we are doing this to revamp all graphics. XD

    Hope I'm not opening a pandora's box!

    Thanks for the advice!

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  • Don't be too afraid. Most of you math should be easily adjusted by adding a multiplication factor. For example, if your new resolution is a quarter larger than the old one, multiplying 1.25 to your current calculations, parameters, etc. make them work with the new resolution. A resolution double as big would have a factor of 2 etc.

    Should be a simple (but boring) process of copypaste :)

    p.s. if your new world should also have another ratio, you might need two factors, one for all vertical and one for all horizontal parts of your math. Note, it's only valid for another world ratio, not resolution ratio.

  • Haha thanks for the encouragement, I took it from the bright side and thought this might be a good occasion to spit shine metrics a bit more...

    Which left me wondering, is it really resolution or isn't it more simply the layout size? I don't think I can really lower the resolution as you would to perform better on older machines, Say like the low res pixellated rendering of Doom you can switch for in the options. Could one do that without resizing every sprites and stretching the layout?

  • On the same topic, is there any known issues of construct having problem with hi res?

    After I switched to 1920x1080, I had a lagging problem. It was always occuring 3 sec after the layout was launched. I progressively deleted the whole game script, but nothing worked, same lag after 3 sec.

    Then I switch the resolution to 800 x 600 and it began to run smoothly.

    Just to know if I'm the only one or if it's a known issue.

    Infinite thanks!

  • sorry for bump, thought I'd share the solution I found;

    The application V-sync framerate mode seems to be the problem. I switched it to Fixed at 60FPS, runs smoothly. Although I'm getting a warning message that direct-X doesn't like that much...

    Otherwise, I found only 1280x720 fullscreen mode runs smoothly with V-sync. Tested on 3 machines. Tough decisions! :-O

    Is fixed framerate that bad?

    PS: Sorry for multiple messages, it's a few things I need to check before launching level design full steam.

  • Open a new Directx Game, set the resolution to 1920x1080 and see if that lags for you.

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