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  • Is there an action for the MouseKeyboard object where you can enable/disable this object?

    There are many actions which involve enabling/disabling stuff in Construct, but I can't seem to do it for something so simple like the MouseKeyboard object.


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  • For behaviors like platform and 8direction you can set "ignoring input". For MouseKeybord there is no action for disabling it.

    But if you add MouseKeyboard to a container with another object that can be destroyed, then the Mousekeyboard can be destroyed, effectively disabling it. To re-enable just create a new MouseKeyboard, but be sure to only make one.

    A better solution would be to use a global variable comparison with all your keyboard events:


    + System: Is global variable 'MouseKeyboardaActive' Equal to 1

    + MouseKeyboard: On key Enter pressed

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