no control pad support yet?

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  • Is this the case? Construct is looking really nice...I was considdering beginning a project with it...but I am planning an arcade style game and need to support control pads.

  • Many of the control systems in place are barely even started. Expect major control options to be in place by version 1.0, if not sooner. Stay tuned.

  • Thats encouraging news. Once movement behaviors can be assigned to control-pads and to multiple players, I'll be hooked!

  • As a work around you may be able to use JoyToKey during initial development: ... ersion.htm

  • That's a good temporary fix so long as you never planned on having analog support.

  • I had thought of that (temporary) solution as well....but I'm more worried with compatibility issues once construct is updated to actually support the control-pads and multiple players using movement behaviors....

    In other words, I'm worried if I start developing now, will my CAP file still load when these features are overhauled?

  • Because the plugins are separate from the base program, the answer is a mostly confident "yes."

    What I've done in my MMF days is call controls from an INI. That allowed me to not only offer full customization to the player, but also pass along any key to any function in the program. Unfortunately for now, Construct's behavior controls are locked into each application's default controls. I believe it would be a nice, temporary work around if maybe Ashley or Rich could modify the plugins to accept controls from an expression, untying them from the defaults. The fancy UI could come later.

    Any devs listening in? It could go something like this.

    //User Defined Control at Runtime
    +Keyboard and Mouse: User clicks on button "Set 'Jump'"
    -Set INI 1,1 to (capture next input)
    -Set Global Variable "P1_Jump" to (INI 1,1);
    +Keyboard and Mouse: (Global Variable "P1_Jump") is pressed.
    -Behavior: Jump;[/code:2jw0ex3c]
  • sounds good to me...If things could be controlled by variables like would be muych easier to create enemies with AI using the platfoorm movement.

  • I might be mistaken but I think that's possible already, probably just a case of modifying the plugins.

    In any case the way that controls are defined in the application settings means that when new methods of control (joysticks gamepads etc) are implemented it's just a case of inserting a plugin.

    DirectInput is the general standard which most new input devices support, so that'd be a good bet. (Has stuff like force feedback too, which is a plus.)

  • Cool, then. Is that your department or Ashley's? I'll be sure to keep the idea fresh in hopes of seeing it sooner than later.

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  • This is one of the things I've been suggesting all along. If you could add DirectInput support, I will be eternally grateful. Please, do it. Seriously, If you do, I will love you forever (okay, just kidding but still).

    With DirectInput support, I could easily make a much better version of the space simulator I was working on before, since I'd be able to use analog stick detection through DirectInput. Plus, I could finally try making some games with console style controls (maybe a fighting game, that would be nice).

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