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  • I make a strategy. Just in the very very very beginning.

    The layout failed to give the game preview and to export exe. Proposes to address to the developper.

    Only 200 objects somehow linked are in the layout and the .cap weight - 4 mBt.

    Is it a really limit?

  • I tried to debug

    It writes

    "A crash inside the runtime has been intercepted. The crash may be a bug in Construct. Please report it to Scirra"

    I tried to remove the objects - did not helped at all.

    My objects are composite. Out of 10-60 subobjects. And some of them are the exact copies of each other. To save the time I made pairs a Friend vis an Enemy. And after that - just renamed composite objects to make anothes main hero. There was a bug after such renaming - I was not able to copy its events in the main layout - but for the parts. I did it now nothin works(((((

  • If this happens as soon as the game STARTS it's not a problem in the actual compiled games, it's like some other issue Construct enocunters. When I get these it's realted to calculations not returning accurate numbers (think dividing by zero), or some odd way of testing collisions between objects without proper referencing.

    That's all I can suggest, but it's not a limit in Construct I am 99% sure.

  • Hi, Konjak,

    Thanks for helping.

    I tried to fix the bug. What I got - the bug starts when I have 2 Friendly vis 2 Enemy heroes.

    Everyone of them has about 30 guns that are destroyed by 2 enemy ships by both at once and vis versa. The procedure of object elimination is rather sofisticated - the let say 2 Friend ship guns hit the Enemy Body and every hit is added to an Enemy body "Ship" Private Variable - "Hit". And the Enemy guns are destroyed at Random if the PV "Hit" is greater than 0, every gun destroyed subtruct 1 from the PV "Hit".

    I have ideas how to simlify that procedure. In fact it is the only thing that join 2 vis 2 main heroes.

  • if you're sure it's that particular event (the crash doesn't happen if you disable that event)

    please post your cap or a screenshot of that area of events and someone may be able to help you more easily

  • Are you using OR? Because that caused crashes sometimes when I used it.

  • Thanks everybody

    Arima, I do not use OR. My strategy is very simple. I have managed to fix the bug

    There is a file with the trubleshot

    I have renamed several times consequently the main heroes in the file and by this I suppose I have broken it. My heroes are quite alike each other and in purpose not to write any event and condition - I started to rename objects in pairs Friendly-Enemy. Cnstruct very carefully does it. But several consequent such renamings broke the file.

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  • Hi everybody,

    I've met the probleme that is beyond my understanding

    When I created a pair - a friendly vis an enemy - everything was simple.

    When I put in the layout another pair - here it comes.

    My friendly has a gun. And the same gun has another friendy. But the enemy may be destroyed from the certain distance. If one friendly is close to the enemy and another is beyond of the effective range - only one hit must destroy the enemy and the second must not though bouth shots are done from 2 absolutely similar guns.

    As far as I quesse it can be solved by creating something (I do not know whether it exists in Construct) like a hits history with 2 columns: 1 - the hit and 2 - the distance. In that case I could choose the hit corresponding to 2 simultaneous conditions.

    Is there in Construct something that can solve the probleme? I was said that the array can be used for suh purpose. May be somebody will give an example?

  • Hi,

    Still I suppose I achieved the Construct limits.

    500 objects. 11 Mb file. 3547 events.

    the transition from layout to event sheet editor - 25 minutes - to edit anything is absolutely impossible. Laptop 2 gB operative memory dies...(

    Is there any text alike Python editor that I could continue the work?

  • 25 minutes?! I thought my event sheet took a long time to open at 10 minutes. :(

    There's no other way to edit events in CC. This issue that you've encountered is one of the reasons I strongly recommend people use C2 instead of CC.

    The only idea I have is to try splitting the event sheet into multiple sheets and use includes. That improved the opening and editing speed on my game, but it significantly increased the compiling time. I don't know if it would do the same for your game, but it's worth a try. Save a copy first!

    Also, if you try that and it isn't better, then go back to your previously saved copy rather than copying and pasting everything back to the way it was and continuing! I tried that and it resulted in the .cap being slower to work with even though it seemed like it should have been the same.

    Also, try to keep from adding more objects when possible... I've found CC doesn't like having so many of them.

    You could also upgrade your computer, as a faster processor will definitely help (I've tried editing my game on a faster computer and it's vastly improved) but that's an expensive option.

  • Dear Arima,

    Got you, thanks for helping...

    I am not a programmer - I started with CC and this was my first experiencee in game making. I solved everything with CC but for the impossibility to include multipal (in my case complex) objects...

    What do you mean under splitting sheets? All my heroes are described by the same procedures. And I even joined all the events of one paticular Hero to a group and if the Hero is destroyed his group is disabled. Could you post an example of splitting - I suppose it is my case.

    With lap top upgrading - I'll try as well.

    I need to place in the game 400 Heroes. I've managed to place in the game only 30.

  • Is it - add event sheet?

  • You need 400 more objects?? I really don't know what CC is going to do with almost a thousand objects. :/ What are you making?

    Also, what do you mean by 'multipal' objects?

    By splitting sheets, I mean something like make a new event sheet, copy the second half of the events from your original event sheet and paste them into the new event sheet. Then delete them from the original one, and add an event sheet include to the original sheet. That way you get the same behavior at runtime, but the IDE has less to have to work with.

  • Dear Arima,

    I followed your advise. That much much much better with the time! It works. The only I don't understand now how to INCLUDE. Found nothing in menu. Event sheets do not liable to pull and drop in the layout. Please, help more....)

    It is a Naval Warfare strategy. Let's say Pearl Harbour and so on. The scenario is based upon the real events. Characters are composite means that ships have big guns, secondary guns, airplanes, torpedo mounts (separate sprites) - every mount is allocated to the appropriate ship and has its range and sector of fire. The enemy discovery depends upon the day time and weather. The possibility of hitting the enemy ship is calculated with the exponent formula - the hit is much probable on the short ranges. I made the ships keep the squdron order - so called "keelwater order" and and to turn all at once. I also created the level maps and can zoom it in a manner of Google map. I solved the probleme with automated enemy following not the friendly but the passing ahead (there is no possibility to avoid the battle.... In fact the game is only to be composed with characters (most of the are already created) and to be filled with the scenarious (random distributing the enemy in the appropriate place at the app time).

  • Arima,

    I've founf it!)

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