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  • aznmonkeyboy ,

    Thanks for the help.

    In fact I rejected combos and buttons...

    There is a new probleme. For my game Characters move for their own, and also they move in the Detachments.

    Help, Help, Help!!!!!!

    For the 2 way of movement I created the Detachment train and tought Characters to place in Datachment Train "Wagons" keeping the detachment order.

    But it was done in the separate file. Now, when I try to compose all such separate files in one - I've met the probleme that the F - flagman sprite "Locomotive" is not able to be created at the Character Sprite X Y Askold, it has 1 PV - for the detachment and 1 PV for its place in order.

    At the left corner is the character name Askold. Sprite "F" must be created over it. Nothing happens.

  • Hi everybody,

    Is there any possibility to drag and drop the whole layer with the ship names data?

    The list is too extensive to match the screen...

  • Hi everybody

    Another problem - MAPs.

    My playing space is 60000*80000 pixels. From the beginning I have created 1 map. It switched out the system

    Now I have recreated the Map. I have divided it in 100 smaller 4096*4096 used as a animation frames in 1 sprite.

    The probleme is that I can't understand how to recreate them at the appropriate XY when my ship approaches it. It's not a case of overlaping - the object does not exist. And if I create it (all of them) the system is immediately svitched out

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  • Hi everybody)

    Im back with problems...

    I have asigned the property INVISIBLE ON START to an object. Now I need not that fiture I have removed the tick - but the object remains INVISIBLE ON START.

    Is it curable? - almost all the project is based upon that object. I cant simply draw another and relink the new one - It would be much simplier to recreate the whole game...(

  • Hi Dima111, you can check if it has an event on startup to make it invisible, or on the start of layout add an action "Set Visible: Visible"

    Edit: Also, it may be worth putting your questions in a seperate thread of their own for your game, most people will not likely come to "Construct Limits" looking to help out <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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