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  • When I constantly use construct classic, I noticed my computer slows down. It is a FAST computer, usually takes less than a second to load a page on Google Chrome, but when I used classic it was so slow the pages started crashing(NEVER happened before) how do I fix this?

  • Are you using Windows XP, Vista or a newer one like Windows 7 or 8? Also, Google Chrome can take up a lot of system RAM itself, so it may just be that your computer has trouble running both programs at once.

    Does the issue continue after you've closed Construct Classic? In that case it's probably something unrelated to Construct as well.

  • I am using windows 7...what should I do?

  • seems to crash when I use it construct TOO much. Even if I do close it, however it eventually goes back to normal when I start deleting things from my project

  • Windows 7 should be fine, do you know how much RAM you have on your computer and what type of graphics card? (Nvidia/AMD)

    Also, if you close Construct and the computer is still slow then I don't think it's a problem with your project size, but could you also estimate how many sprites/tiled backgrounds/etc are in your game? And do you have any really big pictures in your game? (bigger than 1024x1024 ? )

  • 11.0 GB and graphics card should be a dx9. I'm not sure if its amd or nvidia, how do I check that? i can't find in systems information. Before I deleted the project, I used 3 sprites. (I want to use 5 or more when I am done) and all my sprites are 400 by 400 pixels. (Have not used anything but sprites so far). One sprite had about 8 frames of animation.

  • (o ya, it usually crashes when I am using scripts or events, or consistently becomes unresponsive in construct.

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  • Hmm that is a lot of RAM so it should be okay. Also are you using the latest Construct Classic version R2 (download link in my forum signature), or the older R1.2?

    And if you press Windows key (the Windows logo) + R you can bring up the "Run" box, then type: dxdiag

    Running that program will show your complete PC specifications in the "System" and "Display" tabs.

    That is a low number of sprites and they aren't too big, so it shouldn't be the problem.

    Maybe you can also try updating your DirectX 9 drivers: ... aspx?id=35

    By scripts, are you using Python scripts?

  • it seems when i put to much stuff in the event sheet editor, whether it's scripts or events

  • its NIVIDIA and it says the latest drivers have already been installed in my computer, I'll try to download the latest version(it is R 1.2)

  • i tried to install it it says an error occurred trying to replace this file. Delete file failed: code 5. Access is Denied

    I can Ignore it but it says it's not recommended. What should I do?

  • Latest version of Construct Classic is R2, but they don't put the link on this site. You can get it from here: ... e/download

    As for the access denied issue, you may need to run your Construct Classic as an administrator account on the PC, which should help if the crashes are due to file permissions.

  • would the computer slow down if I keep running the game too many times in a row?, If I exit and run the game every 30 seconds to check effect for example? when should I run the game?

  • The program should be okay as long as you properly close the game before starting a new preview, generally I'd say it shouldn't slow down unless you previewed a huge project a few times within five minutes or so.

  • slows down and construct still becomes unresponsive consistently over time.. I do remember occasionally running the games twice by accident, but my computer still slows down after I closed both of them. It seemed to be working fine when I used it this morning and then it went back to slowing down my computer, and constuct become more and more unresponsive.

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