A clever way to zoom out as apposed to just IN?

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  • Hi...Is there a clever way to allow for zooming out as well as in...currently you can enlarge whats visible, but cant shrink it. (as far as I can tell...)

    Is there maybe a way to trick construct into drawing a larger than window size play-area, so that a camera could "pull back" and show more of the level?

    As in when aponents move away from each other in fighting games like Tekken or Samurai Showdown or Guilty Gear.



  • Layer zoom ratios are a cool feature of Construct you might try playing with. You may set them initially per layer property, and at runtime with the system object. Or is this not what you meant?

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  • The reason you can't zoom out is probably due to the layout size being the size of the window. To zoom out you need either a larger layout or to set 'unbounded scrolling' in the layer's properties.

  • Exactly Arima.

    In MMF2, one could "trick" the game to think that the window (or full screen) is bigger than it actually is....therebye creating the necessary extra image so that one can zoom out. It works great.. I was just wondering if this could be done also with Construct...

    I guess no-ones tried it yet or maybe its just not possible yet. I hope it will be in the future at least...its a very nice feature for 2d graphics accelerated games.

  • The unbounded scrolling is your answer. Use that, then zoom your layers using events.

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